What a long Winter it was, so much snow both here and in Maine. 

 So much beauty surrounding our house, if you can look past the leaves that didn't get completely cleaned up last Fall. 

Even inside the house.

So, what's happening? As for me, I am trying to recover from a back injury and also some pelvic pain. Not doing much to be active, not that I am an active person in the best of health. I have hobbies that are conducive to weight gain. Reading, crocheting, watching my beloved murder mysteries on dvd, and playing around with my notebook computer. I also like to bird watch, which forces me to walk around with my binnos and a camera. Even if it is just around the house here and in Maine. I shot this picture of an oriole looking in the window at our budgies, Billy and Peggy. 

I thought I would look back through my photo files and post a few from last year.

Billy and Peggy.

These lovely roses are from a bush beside our dog yard. They are just starting to get buds on them now but last May they looked like this.

This guy, my oldest grandson, was 12 last April. This is what he looks like this year....

A teenager.

A Lazy Cat.

This past Winter, about a month ago, we said goodbye to our beloved cat, Tucker. He was a sweet and affectionate fellow and he brought us a lot of joy. He is missed. I dedicate this blog posting to him. His personality could certainly be compared to the beauty of Spring. 


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