Happy Valentine's Day!


Tomorrow is a special day for many people; the young especially and the young at ❤.  It's not just for married couples or two people in love. It's for everyone. It's about showing love.

My Mom has many memories because my dad was  a romantic. He ALWAYS bought her red roses, a nightgown, slippers and perfume on that special day. But the most precious gift was the poem that he composed each year professing his 💘 love. They were married almost 72 years before he went to heaven so although I'm not sure just when or if he gave her a poem in the very early years but I know he did the last 20 years or so. They had a wonderful flow to them, heartfelt and brought a  tear to the eye.  She treasures them and doesn't share their contents, only a few, as it should be. 

My own  Valentine Day experiences are way less memorable. My first husband usually remembered with a funny card. Sometimes he would ask if I wanted to go to the diner. He hardly ever said it but I never doubted that he loved me. We had nearly 35 years together before he went on ahead of me to heaven. There is a void in my heart with his name on it. My hubby now of 13 years is very unique or a "character" . There's no telling what he would come up with or not. I have learned to take charge of the day by telling him, as demurely as  possible, what I'd like. Some years it's been jewelry, a meal at Red Lobster or a steakhouse, a day away, etc. This year I mentioned in passing how much I love sugar free chocolates, a large box. Hopefully, it registered in what he calls 'his little brain' ...has he forgotten his master's degree?... because I am looking forward to them! There's hardly a day that passes without him telling me  that he loves me. And, truth be told, that is far better then chocolates any day.
Whatever your circumstances I hope that you have a good day! 💞



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