Hi there! So glad you could stop by. It's a gloomy day on my patch. Hubby and I are plugging along here. I am in week 2 of "No News is Good News" meaning I have sworn off listening to the News for the next month. It has all gotten a bit much lately  with politics in our country.

Instead I have been concentrating
 on the good...despite the bad. Yesterday Roger had  very expensive repairs done to his 2005 jeep. Last week I had 2 crowns fitted at the dentist. The week before the furnace had major repairs. You get the 
picture. What do you do when money seems to be evaporating?  You economize!  You eat comfort foods! You watch funny movies! That was my plan for when hubby came back from the garage. Ham and bean soup, cheesy Keto skillet biscuits, and cream cheese pound cake. It doesn't get much more comforting than that, especially on a cold winter's night. 
We received a very generous gift card to Amazon for Christmas and we used it to add to our collection of DVD series. We bought the latest available seasons for Elementary, Blacklist, Midsomer  Murder, Death in Paradise and a few others. Last night we watched 5 episodes of Death in Paradise, laughed and all was right in our house...a fire blazing in the fireplace, 2 little dogs sharing my very comfortable chair and a cat on the sofa snoozing away. Hubby in his chair with a satisfied smile on his face. Bliss.
Our TV room. You can tell we have pets:


I just looked out the window and it's snowing.

Our stray cat, Rascal, is very feral but does go into his heated house to eat and stay out of the  bad weather. He also has a bed in one of our out buildings at the back of the property. Wish we could tame him. Our inside cat, Zeppy, hates him. He looks out the patio doors and growls when he sees him going in his house to eat his food. 
So, we are on the last legs of Winter. Pretty soon I will be removing my wall hanging from the family room.

All my best to All of You! 


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