Hi there! Honestly, I don't know where the time has gone! I thought I would pop back in to say hello and wish you well on this snowy Tuesday in Bethlehem, PA. Nothing much has changed in my life since I last visited with you..I am still dividing my time between here and on Little Deer Isle, Maine where I provide care and companionship to my 91 year old mother. 
I have included some winter scenes from the Island. Winter's there are cold and windy. The house I grew up in I call the "homestead". It has lots of creaking and groanings. It's very old. A stone's throw from the shore. It's situated in a small cove. Summer cottages have replaced homes of residents that dotted the area when I was a child. Everything has changed and become more 
private with less freedoms to roam. It was a case of not appreciating what we had until it was gone  I guess.
The beauty is still there though. I never tire of looking out at the ocean from our large front windows or walking outside to get my lungs filled with the very bracing sea air. Or watching the sun set down behind the islands; Eaton's, Pickering, Eagle and Sheep to name a few and the Camden Hills in the far distance.

Some days when the wind  has been blowing all night and the temperature gauge is minus something we look out to see sea smoke rising off the bay. That's when I really appreciate the old furnace that is laboring to keep us comfortable. 
Mom rarely leaves the house since my dad passed on a year and a half ago. She looks out the kitchen window at the many birds who come to the bird feeders and the deer and occasionally mallards and turkeys visit also. 
It's a peaceful existence until something breaks, frozen pipes or some other minor catastrophe strikes. 
 Our neighbors across the way are from Vermont and are in residence only occasionally except during the summer months. My great aunt and uncle used to live there in that spot in a little house. I loved them dearly. I spent more time at their house as a child then my own.

Here in Bethlehem it is snowing today. I will snuggle in my comfy chair to read, crochet and dream of SPRING. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures!





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