Good morning! The sun is shining today! Blessing #1.  
Oqunquit, Maine

I love the snow but I love the beach more. Today I wouldn't mind breathing in the salty invigorating sea air at my favorite beach.

Thank goodness March is almost over and our furnace is still working. Blessing #2. We've had so much trouble with it.

I do worry even when I try not to but I am a silent fretter. I tell you this story to illustrate that not everything is hunky dory in my life.

My little furbaby, Lucybelle, has had a bump on her belly. Roger assured me that it was only a fatty cyst. I felt it right after I arrived home from Maine. For all those who don't know I am major care-giving plus POD for my soon to be 92 year old mother who lives on the "Island" in Maine. I spend a good deal of my time there. But I digress. Lucy's bump drove me crazy but I tried not to explode at hubby for not taking her to the vet. He KNEW from my mannerisms that I was worried sick. So, he took her to the vet. He's not fond of the vet that I use. Too pricey. He would rather wait in line at the clinic at the local Tractor and Supply. I was sick at the time so I was just thankful she was being looked at. Well, when Lucy was examined neither  the vet nor Roger could find the lump! Unbelievable! So he came home no further ahead then when he started! He agreed that it was there when I pointed it out to him but said it can't be all that serious if the vet couldn't find it. So, I am still anxious but wonder if I should take her to my regular vet after all. It hasn't gotten any larger. 


 Do you have a favorite food that you have eaten with much pleasure but your family says "Ewww" to? I have! Mayonnaise sandwiches. I have been eating them for about 60 years! Blessing #3. There are two rules though: fresh bread and Hellman's Mayo.

Blessing #4. 
I have not had a cold in forever! At least 10 years. I hope I am not jinxing myself by saying that! If you don't count sinus infections. 

And, blessing #5. I am glad that I have Faith. The type of faith that allows me to not panic over what is going on in the world, especially the United States. Full term killing of babies is heavy on my mind. I will always be a Conservative no matter who is in the Oval Office. 
Have a good day everyone! I leave you with this photo of a beautiful pheasant taken by Jill Buchan in Scotland. She has a lovely blog, Land of the Big Sky.


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