Hi there, it's raining on my patch today. Roger had a dentist appointment, then an injection in his knee and then did the grocery shopping. I stayed home in front of the fireplace tucked into my cozy chair with 2 dogs and a cat as chair mates. 

Roger has very good luck with orchids.

Blessing #1: Spring has arrived! Our snow is gone. Hurray! 

Our first crocuses and violets  of the season  covering our front yard have sprung up and opened up to the sunshine we had for a few days with warm temps in the 50's and 60's.   Clumps of daffodils are appearing around the lamp post out front and along the walkway to the front door. Oh, it is so nice to see these first harpingers of Spring! Blessing #2.

White tailed deer gather on the back side of the property waiting for some corn. Blessing #3: Beautiful wildlife.

I am still in Pennsylvania. My mother seems to be doing very well right now so I don't have to head back up until after my next eye injection the 4th of April and the celebration of my grandson's 15th birthday.. That means I will have been home for 2 months! Then we celebrate my grandson's 15th birthday on the weekend and I head  for Maine after that. I do miss the ocean air. I love standing on the deck feeding the gulls and breathing in that ocean vitamin sea. Blessing#4.

According to Mom the weather has been wild; Gale force wind, snow and ice and cold. That was last week. So far this week sunshine but still cold and a wintry mix tomorrow. I hope by the time I get back up there it will look like Spring.

Lastly, we are so fortunate to have choices.
I thank God for where I live: Blessing #5. America the beautiful. For our freedoms.

What are you thankful for?


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