What better place to get lost in one's own head then when you are walking through the woods, sitting in a rocking boat gazing out at the vast ocean or looking up up into the sky watching the clouds moving along.

We have had a couple of lovely days on the Island when it's been lovely to sit out on the deck and to get lost in the peacefulness of nature. Nothing is happening but everything is happening. Inside the house Mom is sleeping. Outside the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the ocean is moving, the gulls are mewing, the trees are budding, there's a warmish (after all, it's Spring in Maine) breeze making a lovely sound through the trees behind the house. All my concerns are vacated from my mind and I just praise God for the peacefulness of it all.

 We are not to the tulip stage yet but I can dream. We do have  birds gathering nest materials. The bleeding hearts remind me that Mother's day is on Sunday and I haven't a card yet to give to Mom, let alone a gift! My pictures are from my archives. I haven't used my camera since arriving here 3 weeks ago.  Mom's going through a rough patch health wise and her care requires most of my attention.

Lately I have had to dig deep to find the energy to accomplish my daily routines and I find myself becoming depressed when I don't get to check off all the boxes on my imaginary to do list. I have to remind myself that it's ok. Take a deep breath and get over it. Day is done, gone the sun. Tomorrow I can start over again.

Take care my friends! Talk to you soon.


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