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A great book to read

Hi there, I have been on Little Deer Isle for about a month now. Mom has been going through a rough spell. When I arrived back here she was suffering from an open wound on her leg and extreme shortness of breath. A trip to the doctor with blood work and xrays ordered determined that she had severe edema and anemia. Besides all that her mobility had deteriorated in the 2 and a half months I had been home in Bethlehem. She could no longer sleep in her bed and was sleeping in her recliner in the living room.  So, her doctor put her into an unna? boot and she has had to visit him weekly to get the bandage changed. She has been put on strong edema meds and ferrous sulfage tablets. I have her on a strict diet also. I'm happy to say that she is now starting to feel much better, her breathing has improved and she is finally back to using her walker. I couldn't be happier and hope that her progress continues. On the 27th of April she had her 92nd birthday! This picture was taken a few years ago when Dad was still alive and they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!

A Walk

I was getting cabin fever a few days ago so I grabbed my camera  and headed to an area I hadn't been to in a while.
It was a lovely day. We are way behind Bethlehem in Springishness! The trees are greening up and growth of Spring flowers, flowering trees, peonies, rhubarb and dandelions are making themselves known finally! I started my picture taking in mom's backyard with our cute red squirrels.

We also have a cute fox that  sneaks in to eat seeds on the ground. I was taking it's picture through the lattice work. Then I headed out in my car to cross the bridge to an area that has a path along the shore with Summer cottages dotted here and there. My grandfather used to be caretaker of this one many years ago now.

And then it was homeward bound again. "Bubbles" was waiting for his afternoon snack. It was a brief walk but so good to be out and about!



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