I don't get near enough time to indulge in one of my favorite past times, photography. I'm blaming it on available time but, really it is mostly due to gumption. After a life time of go, go, go who would have thought my get up and go would be get up and gone!? or so it seems a lot of the time. When I do make the effort it relaxes me, soothes my soul and brings me a lot of happiness. It also teaches me patience!

Yesterday I made the long trek from Pennsylvania to Maine. As I crossed the bridge onto the Island in the evening hours and waning light I  said a little prayer thanking God for traveling mercies that day. Surprisingly it was an easy driving day. Especially since I suffer from insomnia and slept only a few hours before I arose befuddled wondering how I was going to drive for 12 hours. As it was, I forgot a major piece of my luggage!
 I didn't make my usual stop at my brother's in southern Maine. My sister-in-law was in the hospital undergoing yet again more repairs on a broken bone/pins/rod/plate complication in her leg. It has been a long ordeal for her since she fell several weeks ago and broke a bone above the area of her new knee replacement. The poor woman has been through a lot lately.  

I love where they live; not far from sandy beaches, very unlike the coarse, pebbly, ouchy if you walk barefoot type of ones we have here on the Island. And the waves! Oh, my goodness! They never fail to mesmerize me! If I lived there I would practically live on the beach.

That's not to say we don't have have our own delights here in the Summer.  Lots of boats of every size and shape use the waters around our Island as a thoroughfare to wherever they are headed. And there are hundreds of islands to explore unless, of course, they are private property. We also have beautiful sunsets.

And then I arrive at the old homestead. It's a beautiful evening. Temps around 70 degrees. I hurry to get the car unloaded before the mosquitoes eat me alive. I load up and drag myself up the ramp and into the house.  It has withstood many storms from off the ocean throughout the many 92 years my mother has lived there and where she grew up just over a little hill away. It could use some major work inside but Mom doesn't like change so we don't talk about it. She is sitting in her easy chair and greets me with a big smile and I can see the relief on her face...that I arrived safely, that she won't be alone  and the knowledge that someone will be taking care of all her needs for the foreseeable future. I have arrived, let the fun begin.

This picture of the homestead was taken late Fall of last year. My camper has since been sold and hauled away to a new forever? home.

Bridge to the Island.


I'm  not sure who nested here but I sure hope this abode is still standing tall for the next generation!


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