It was hot but SUMMERS are, aren't they?
IN Pennsylvania where I live it was hot AND  humid. But these days MAINE is my second home since Dad went to heaven and I try to attend to the needs of Mom. Living on an ISLAND can be boring but it sure is BEAUTIFUL in the summer. Since I grew up here I tend to take it for granted but occasionally, when stepping outside, the SALTY OCEAN BREEZE hits me and I realize what a tonic it is for a weary soul.  If  only I could  bottle a "potion" of  that to take back to Bethlehem!

The last three weeks have been very busy with doctor appointments, cleaning, repairs to the house and entertaining company. I am still fighting the "mystery" illness that has settled in my lungs. It's difficult to carry on a conversation these days without having a coughing fit. Oh, well, hopefully, this too shall pass. 

Mom's eyes have become the big issue. The Macular Degeneration that has taken away her central vision in her right eye has now become "wet" in her left eye. This has meant that she will now have to endure eye injections of medication to try and stop the progression of the disease. I will be taking her once a month to Ellsworth, about 40 minutes from here. The good news is that she really likes her new retina specialist. I liked her also. I'm thrilled that we now have a specialist closer to home.  I decided I'll be having my next injection there also. It beats driving to Bangor which is a 90 minute drive from Mom's.  When I am unable to be in Bethlehem for my injections I have them here. It's very important that the cycle isn't broken.

Speaking of driving, I nearly had a heart attack on one of our several visits to appointments this past week when my car wouldn't start in the parking lot of Coastal Eye Care. The remote for the keyless start needed a battery but I didn't know that at the time. I only knew that my 92 yr old mother was sitting in the car virtually blind after having an injection in her "good eye" and not having vision in her other eye anymore. I tried moving the remote here and there in an effort to start the car. It worked finally! I high tailed it to the dealership where they discovered the problem was simple to fix. Wouldn't you know it, they had run out of batteries!? However, we finally got on the road again.  Phew! Mom and I rewarded ourselves with strawberry milk shakes from DQ to enjoy on the ride back to the Island.

Goodbye Summer!

Stonington, Maine

Oqunquit Beach, Southern Maine

Stonington, Maine

Roger enjoying my son's pool.

Island Sunsets

Jersey Shore

Nubble Lighthouse in Southern Maine


Our strawberry patch, neglected for a couple of years is just about a thing of the past.😞

A favorite lunch spot.

Yum yum

Love walking the Sandy beaches of Maine and New Jersey.

Roger's lilies in Bethlehem

Reflection of the bridge to the Island.

Mom's flowers.

Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ

Little Deer Isle Lobster shack at the bridge.

Lazy Doe on our land in Bethlehem. This is why we call our place "Deer Haven".

Deer Haven

Weed Haven!
Thunder Hole (Bar Harbor)

Sunset in our cove.

Last Zinnia.

Camden hills in the distance as seen from Caterpillar hill.

Year round residents.

Lovely Rose.

Goodbye Summer, you sure were pretty while you lasted!!


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