The Third Heaven

Hi there all and happy Sunday! Having said that, it wasn't and isn't happy times for many people who are suffering from the devastation caused from hurricane Dorian. Mom and I watch the Weather Channel and evening news feeling heart sick for all the loss and suffering of the people of Jamaica and other places to a lesser degree but loss is loss. We prayed for them every night after our devotions. Speaking of devotions...

Yes, I read to Mom for an hour every night from my study bible. I love that bible! Turquoise soft leather. It's NIV. Mom has had vision problems (Macular Degeneration) for many many years. Even before that she was not a  reader. I inherited my love of reading from my Dad. He always had a book at hand. After Dad died, 2 years ago now,  Mom was bereft. She hasn't been to church since we were young kids, before they built the restaurant they ran for almost 50 years. She had many questions about death and heaven. She cried constantly and I was heartbroken just watching her. So, I started reading to her from THE DAILY BREAD and she seemed to get comfort from it. We progressed to reading the Gospels from my study bible which has commentaries that helped us understand what we were reading. She loved it! So we have covered quite a few books including the Psalms and proverbs. Now, my Bible is not just a book that sits in my bookcase. It has been used for bible studies with a group of retirees on Wednesdays in Bethlehem (when I am home) and it's been written in as I make notes to remind me of a reference, etc. And  accompanies to church when I go and if I don't forget it. (When I am in Maine I don't attend but I keep saying I should find a church.)  It also holds bits of papers and other important to me stuff including obituary clippings of my family and friends. Woe is me if I should tip it the wrong way and stuff! falls out onto the floor.

So, the other night I was reading to Mom and we came across in 2 Corinthians about the Third Heaven. I know that I must have read this a dozen times but it hit me like I was reading it for the first time. Mom wanted to know what it meant. And, would you believe it, at that moment I dropped my Bible in my lap (I was sitting in Dad's old recliner),  papers fell out, I scrambled to recover them before they fell onto the floor and managed to do so with the exception of one little piece of a note written with: THE THREE HEAVENS by John Hagee. I said to Mom "well look at this, coincidence or what?" I must have heard about or someone recommended it at some point and I jotted it down, stuck in in my Bible and forgot about it. How could I not buy it after all that? So I went on Amazon that night, downloaded it to my Fire Tablet and last night I started to read it to Mom. She loves it. I do too.  To simplify the premise so far: the first heaven is what we see when we look up into the sky, the second heaven is where Satan and his cronies live, and the Third Heaven is where God / Jesus resides and where we go when we die. The bible calls it Paradise.  So, we will be reading on since it will give Mom something good to think about and also bring her comfort in contemplating her  future and seeing Dad again. A win-win, hopefully.

In other news

My youngest brother arrived for a visit from California. He moved there 2 years ago and this is his second trip back to Maine. Lots of catching up! He and Mom talk and I listen  from the kitchen. I cook his favorite foods- the fish chowder was a hit,  both he and Mom had 2 bowls each so they couldn't eat my favorite part of the meal which was fresh raspberry pie. He leaves tomorrow for a side trip to Canada...Newfoundland. I hope he takes pictures! I am the sibling that takes pictures and sends them to the rest of the family. He is the storyteller. He will be there about a week and then back here for about a month.

Through the kitchen window




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