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There's been a lot going on here at Mom's. I had expected to be back in Bethlehem by now but, alas, it was not to be. Her retina specialist needed to see her again for another injection so I extended my time on the Island. And it's a good thing I did because of several other unexpected happenings... A really  tragic accident  caused the Island to lose power... and the generator didn't kick in. Oh, woe is me, no game shows for Mom! So I had to call our electrician to come to service it twice before it was working properly, a new battery was needed in the end. Then the heating and plumbing guys came to clean the furnace which was great BUT we didn't realize until it got really cold that even though the furnace was running it wasn't blowing out any warm air! (our nights are getting COLD) in half of the house. I was the one that picked up on it, brrrr. I awoke freezing, put on my flannel pjs and added a couple more blankets on my bed. I do like to sleep in a cool room but don't get the opportunity when the season turns because Mom cranks up the heat and the whole house is controlled by one thermostat.  So, I called for service 3 additional times before they decided that our 60 plus-year-old boiler needed to be replaced! Oh, man, those things are super expensive...I mean not hundreds but thousands of $$$.
And last but not least we had a "hurricane" come through last night! Torrential rain and 60 mph winds. This morning trees were down and we were without power for hours. Thankfully, our generator was working this time. It clicks in a few seconds after the outage. 


I'm glad I took pictures of the foliage in the area before the storm. The trees are looking a bit bedraggled now. The days I was able to take these were sort of dismal but I think the colors popped more because of it.

Bagaduce River

The lovely little town of Bucksport seen across the way from where I was in Brooksville using my zoom.

I hope you have enjoyed my attempts at preserving Fall colors for 2019. They have been gorgeous this year! My little pocket camera doesn't do them justice...but hey ho...we work with what we have available. When I left the house I was on my way to Tradewinds in Blue Hill for groceries with no thought of photography. As I was driving I was overtaken by the beauty of my surroundings and decided to take a side road. Luckily I had my Canon in my purse! 

The following photos were taken a week later... the day the storm moved in during the night. It was a beautiful day and I decided to take the long way to Blue Hill. When I saw the beautiful turquoise of the ocean through the trees I turned my car around to go back. I then fought my way through the brambles on private property, fell in a hole that was hidden by long grasses, said a few choice words, hobbled on and managed a few decent photos. Phew, the things we "beauty enthusiasts" go through sometimes!

The boat yard in Brooklin on the mainland.

Other Happenings...

My youngest brother flies out of Bangor airport to head back to San Francisco tomorrow. We will be sad to have him leave, especially Mom. She has had 6 precious weeks of seeing him every day with the exception of his week in Newfoundland and then in southern Maine to visit our older brother. Then I leave on Saturday so she will have a lonely time of it. Such is this life we live, nothing is constant, always changing. I was able to have several outings with friends, one I hadn't seen in over 50 years! And, I enjoyed lots of lobster and crab this time around since my brother has to have his "fix" for fresh Maine shellfish 😌 satisfied for another year. 
Another blessing of the past six weeks was finding  Dr Myerly at Maine Coast Eye Care in Ellsworth. She is Mom's new retina specialist for macular degeneration and is also mine now (when I am in Maine) and she really knows her stuff, is very hands on, takes her time making sure the injection is pain free. She has totally won Mom over! This whole eye injection experience has been a huge anxiety for her-I mean mom is a VERY 😓 nervous person. I am very thankful for all our blessings these past 6 weeks and I am ready, willing and able to go home to hubby, pet's and family on Saturday!


See you next time! Take care, take heart 💜 and enjoy your day!


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