November Ocean

It seems like yesterday we were complaining about sweltering temps, doesn't it? Well, today in Bethlehem, PA we have frozen puddles and our outside gauge is registering 28 degrees F at 10:30 AM. The little dogs, Lucy and Dolly, are wondering 😔 why we haven't gone on our walk yet. My knees and back are telling me to wait a little longer; maybe it will warm up a little. I do have to get my act together because I am meeting a girlfriend at Bethlehem Diner at 1:00 for lunch :-). 

My time here at home is coming to an end and, as usual,  I am thinking about things that I need to get done here and also preparing myself mentally for the next segment of my life journey as a care giver to my Mother. She, by the way, is doing fine on the Island but it is bitter cold with snow on the ground already. It's a!so deer hunting season so the gunshots in the surrounding woods make her very nervous. We are hoping that by some miracle our long-legged friends that visit our yard escape unscathed but I have my doubts.  It does no good to post NO HUNTING signs on your property!
This guy is my favorite.

Anyway, it's been good to be home to catch up on mundane tasks like cleaning the house:-( and going to the hair 💇 salon. I also did a bit of work in my sewing room...
My youngest granddaughter's quilt is about one third done.

I spent 10 days pet sitting the grand-puppy while Judi and family went on a road trip to the southern states and ended up in Florida to visit the other grandparents. Their puppy is growing by leaps and bounds...and I do mean that literally! I have had a lot of dogs/puppies throughout the years but can't remember any that were so agile, rambunctious and mischievous!!! yet so cute and affectionate. It was hard on the cat, Zeppy, because Lucky lives to chase cats. Poor thing lived in the basement during the day and came out at night after we had gone to bed with a gate at the top of the stairs. 

Dolly, who is who is about 12, 

decided Lucky was way too active and stayed clear of him (as in hiding and refusing to go for walks with him) for the first 5 days. After that he left her alone and concentrated on playing with Lucy. Lucy loves to play and run but lately has been severely hampered from doing so due to dysplasia in both her hips.  So, we are a house of oldsters, really not up to speed, and believe me, Lucky has speed! We all were very relieved when his family returned and hopefully by the time they decide to go away again he will have calmed down.
Lucy gives Lucky the evil eye...he's about to try and get her out of the bed.

Roger 's work with my son has ended for the year so we have been out and about but I didn't take my
camera. Here at home I did snap some pics of the wildlife and f!owers, all from the inside looking out...

Roger's tomatoes are still hanging on despite our freezing temps. He's been covering them nightly.

Joshua celebrated his 12th birthday at our early family Thanksgiving get together.

Archive photos...

A flimsy

Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA

Roger at the Lake

Roger picked out a pumpkin for decorating.


Happy days



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