Hi there! It's early Saturday afternoon here and the temp is 39 degrees. We are whittling (in old native Islandeze that would be whitterling) away Winter one month at a time. 😊

I had a rough night but not as rough as Mom. She has a stomach virus, (etc) I think. I don't know for sure because last week when she was definitely not feeling well I begged her to let me take her to her doctor and, being the stalwart Mainer that she is, she said she would be fine. I love my mother but she is a tough old bird. Me, myself and I would never suffer when I don't have to. I have had my fair share of "issues" and some of my organs are missing, not to mention foot surgeries, biopsies, etc.  I do not suffer in silence and my hubby was a medic in the army for 21 years so he whips me to the doctor pronto.

So, the last few days have not been good for her. She does get up for a few hours in the evening to eat something light, drink water or tea but then the cycle starts all over again.  All I can do is be there for her and encourage her to drink. She has had these episodes before and they leave her in a very weakened state.  My mother is a bundle of nerves. She has excellent hearing and is always hearing noises that I am required to investigate.  😳

I was reading a blog this morning and it talked about the many things you can do to amuse yourself with bubble wrap.  As I mentioned in my last blog post I love receiving packages in the mail. Amazon used to ship (they may still do it) small items in large boxes with bubble wrap stuffed in to prevent damage. I have learned that it's a good idea to save it, of course, just in case. 😉 In Maine, it and boxes, gets stacked up on mom's sofa that no one sits on until I remove it to the garage.  So, one day I was looking at all that bubble wrap thinking how much fun my youngest grandson used to have popping the bubbles and the many different ways he went about it. That led me to what I call a "mind escape", which is the exact opposite of "mind emptying". It is imagination run wild!  It went something like this: Having brief moments of feeling young at heart I decided I really didn't need all that bubble wrap. I stacked it one on top of another in Mom's old wooden office chair in the office. The chair is lower than modern adjustable chairs.  I turned around and tried to burst the bubbles by sitting down real hard on it. At first it didn't work. But I tried to jump up and sit down really hard.  I am no light weight and it worked like a charm. Mom, who was dozing  in the next room started to cry and squawk  that she had been shot. I said "no no it's just me fooling around".  I calmed her down and eventually life went on but that night as I lay in bed I saw the funny side of it and I laughed until I cried. 😂. You may ask, is that a true story? And the answer is, no, it's not! What really happened is Mom calling into the office and asking me if that was me passing gas! And that, my friends, is a Mind Escape! 

Moving right along.


I collect old paintings of ships.

A winter scene from our house in Pennsylvania.

A lobster boat off shore from our cove in Maine. Camden Hills in the background.
Acadia National Park 

Grandsons, Joshua and Logan
One of my projects.
One of many shell doilies I have made in different colors
I had Chloe for 15 years, she was so sweet and precious.
Zeppe is a rescue cat. He has an artificial eye and one ear sewn closed plus his mouth is twisted. Apparently he was hit by a car as a kitten. He is so handsome! We love him dearly.



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