🌞 Capturing Sunshine

Hello again dear friends! I am popping in to visit you much more often these days! Who knew that in these strange times I would have more to share not less. :-)  Lately, I have been fed up...for all of 5 minutes when I had a mini panic attack the other day.  I longed to get in my car and head to Bethlehem, truth be told, still do. The reason being...
My sweet Lucybelle will be undergoing surgery on Tuesday, the same surgery she had less than a year ago to have a tumor removed from her ribcage. It has grown back! Roger sort of sprang this on me a few days ago because he knows that I would worry and fret about her. I don't consider myself a worrier, I try to live in the moment, slog through difficult times but...my slog becomes frenzied when it concerns my fur babies.   When I got off the phone with Roger I said to Mom that she would have to come with me to Bethlehem, I needed to go home. Her reply was the same as always for any instance of her leaving HER home for any reason these days- I am NOT going  anywhere. And, being the realistic person I am, 😏 ,  I won't be seeing this pandemic magically "puff" itself out of existence any time soon, if ever.  So, I find myself between a rock and a hard place.  Have you been there? Do tell. You can email me and share. My addy is in my blog header.💖

Ocean scenes are my "thing",  apparent if you have been reading this blog for awhile. It's in my blood. So, my photos today were taken in a  fishing community on the Island called SUNSHINE.
To get there, I drove from Little Deer Isle,  across the causeway to North Deer Isle, past the village of Deer Isle (approx. 6 miles), made a left on Mountainville Rd, and after several miles, saw the sign for Sunshine. It was a lovely day and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon. I hope you like my photos.

I hope you have enjoyed these snippets of Sunshine!
Happy weekend!


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