🌞 Sunny And Bright

Hello dear friends, I hope your days are getting brighter no matter the circumstances.  As for me, I choose to try to find something every day that is positive to dwell on. The Island is finally greening up and there are other colors showing themselves also, forsythia, flowering trees, lilacs, and tulips to name a few.   Oh, the joy of it all! 
The colors make my heart sing when driving up and down the Island! Here, at the homestead, though, we are not so fortunate. The deer are busy munching away on all the green shoots coming up in my flower beds.

I would not mind if they feasted on the skunk cabbage and rhubarb but they leave them alone and go after my ornamental lilies, etc, that I have put a lot of time and money into. Grrrr.
skunk cabbage
I have put up deterrents to no avail. Oh, well, I am not giving up. Nooo sir-ree. I will go early to Ellsworth for my eye appointment next week and go to Home 
Depot if they are open and see about taller fencing. I'm not sure there will be anything left to fence by that time!


My brother sent Mother's day flowers.


One day at a time...Cheryl, who writes the blog, "Thinking About Home" wrote this several weeks ago:

Lord, please give me Grace for THIS day. Please direct our steps THIS day. Please help me to make wise choices for THIS day. Please help me to serve others THIS day. Please help me to walk in your truth THIS day.

Her simple prayer helped me to focus on TODAY. I feel my life is uncharted territory, and it is. We can't "turn back time", thank goodness. And the new normal is to seek anti-anxiety medications! (That's a supposition on my part.)

Mom and I are plugging away. Mother's Day will be rough on her after losing my brother a few weeks ago. The nights are particularly bad. I read to her from the bible and we pray before going to bed. It's been hard for her but I feel that it is better than it was. I try to impress upon her grieving spirit that Thomas is very happy in heaven. He's in a Home we are all trying to get to! We need to feel happy for him. We will meet up with him later...hold on to THAT thought! 

 I am reading an  ebook, Anne of Green Gables, to her in the afternoons. She wasn't familiar with it and I had an inkling that she would enjoy it.  (Due to her bad eyesight she has trouble reading.)  She loves it! I don't mind reading to her.  I have always devoured books! Growing up on the Island was pretty boring so I am thankful for my love of books.  I think I inherited my obsession from my father.  I don't ever remember my mother reading a book for pleasure. Women's magazines, local newspapers, yes. My husband, Roger, is the same way. He has a master's degree, yet he says reading books put him to sleep. He continues to read anything in journal or magazine form and his knowledge of trivia is astounding. Me, I read for enjoyment, not knowledge.😊



Baltimore Oriole


zooming in on 8 ft waves and an abandoned osprey nest

You can see the ledge in the above photo just above the little shack in this picture. Temps were in the high 30's with snow flurries and howling wind.

Looking forward to seeing these colors soon when I look out the window!

Stay Safe!


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