Hello dear friends, I hope you are all well and your anxiety attacks are few and far between. I must say I am getting rather anxious to go to my hairdresser! My mop of hair is curly, thick, bushy, and frizzy.  Oh, joy! And it hasn't been this long in 20 years. Help! It's amazing what a session with a good stylist can do for my self-esteem.

Well, guess who had a birthday on Monday? Yep, you guessed right! 93 years young!  It set me to thinking if I will live that long? I have inherited a lot from Mom...A rebellious spirit, macular
degeneration, fat genes, my nose, acid reflux disease,  a good work ethic, and my love of animals. The bitter and the sweet. To what do I think helped her longevity? Green beans. She has had a life long love affair with green beans. I can remember her eating them right out of the can for a snack while the rest of us were pigging out on chips or ice cream as we were crammed into our tiny living room watching black and white TV! How's that for going back in time! Her green bean habit switched a few years ago to bread and butter pickles. She said she got kinda tired of green beans all the time.😒


Our weather has been overcast and rainy. It matches our spirits, unfortunately. 
Mom is doing better. She misses her cat, Bebe.  Our daily devotions have been a blessing. But we discovered something else that has also been surprisingly comforting. My younger brother lives in California. He visits every year for about 6 weeks in the Fall.
In between visits he sends Mom little surprises, from Amazon, usually. For her birthday he sent her a dozen red roses! With white flowers, I don't know the name of, mixed in. We admire and breathe in their fragrance every time we walk past them. So incredibly therapeutic! 

Yesterday I cooked a Chuck roast, carrots and potatoes in my Instant Pot. When I released the steam and took the cover off, the house was saturated with a wonderful aroma. Comfort food for the soul.💖
My point is this: capturing the essence of a lovely fragrance or aroma can sometimes be a feeling "fixer". For a period of time, it can lighten the burden, put a smile on our faces, and help us to cope with whatever life is throwing our way. I think I will be keeping a bouquet on our table regularly!

No fancy vases in this house!


Mama raccoon

Bedraggled Turkey Lurky. It was raining.


Archive photo was taken at our house in Bethlehem.

Archive photo I took several years ago on the Island.
Foggy morning (my archives) in the cove.


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