The seasons...they are achanging...

Hello, dear readers! Thanks ever so much for stopping by! 💖  Recently I read a comment by a fellow blogger, on her blog, about being tired... "I am so tired of the hate, the virus and the destruction." I think she spoke for the majority of us. And we are all tired and stressed by one thing or another, trying to weather our "seasons" with faith, patience and dignity. Trying not to think too much,  maybe? There are good days and bad days living with this new normal because, in reality we have two "normals" to deal with, don't we? Our old normal of our personal life is still there, the new normal being an unwanted appendage.

Silly Me

 Sometimes, I like to imagine that I am living in my own little bubble here at Deer Haven. It's not hard to do,  for me. I rarely leave home. 😏

But it usually starts when I wake up after a good night's rest. (Those nights are few and far between, believe me.)  Looking out the row of windows in our bedroom, I see that the sun is shining, the leaves on the huge Japanese maple are gently moving, swaying back and forth with the breeze. I thank God for being alive! (Don't laugh, it's not a given.  Especially when it's only been 4 months since my brother died.)  Sometimes my bubble is so pretty! I walk downstairs and look out the sliding doors we have off the living room. There are beautiful colors around me giving me a sense of peace and contentment. The sky, the flowers, the greenery, pets, phone conversations... many blessings. I try very hard to not allow anything negative to burst my bubble.   Just let me float through this day and pretend that all is right with the world. Most days I can actually pull it off. 😊 

Today is wednesday!   I walked around our property for the first time since I don't know when. Dolly was sleeping in her basket. She doesn't hear very well so we left her slumbering and I grabbed my camera and we headed out. Lucy and I walked all around the perimeter and I took lots of pictures. I sat on the swing, on the bench, took a picture of a red squirrel with an acorn in his mouth. He was very far away so I couldn't get a good focus. We saw a deer that likes to hang out at the back. I took pictures of the new American sock flag we recently bought and a few of Zeppe enjoying his time outside. Lucy would run and sit, run and sit. She completely wore herself out.  Today the temps are more comfortable than usual but still in the 80's. No humidity. 💖

So, it's been a good day.  Roger and I went to our bible study group meeting in the morning, out to lunch, and home. He went up for a nap and I sat and watched my favorite vlogs on my tablet and crocheted the last row on Lynsey's twin blanket. Weaving in all the strings comes next, and, finally the border. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Yay! I am sick to death of this blanket. It is made with Chunky Monkey yarn which makes it hot and heavy in my lap. Despite our central air I have also had to have a fan blowing on me in order to work on it. I think she might have to move to Alaska in order to use it. What was I thinking when I chose this yarn??? In my defense...I did start it in Maine in the middle of winter.😏

Roger's Reality

While I have been in my bubble Roger has been facing hard realities. Since I last posted we have had another flood in the house. This one came from upstairs in the master bath shower when a pipe, unbeknownst to us, was leaking behind the shower.  We discovered it when the water leaked through the ceiling onto the floor, stove and counters in the kitchen! He insisted he could fix it himself to save money. We've had several large expenditures lately not including my Mother's caregiver fees while I am home. When he actually did fix it, we both were thrilled! Not that I  doubted him, of course.😏 Now to repair the kitchen ceiling. 

As if that was not enough, next came the breakdown of his tractors. He has 3 of various ages.  When he mentioned that he couldn't cut the grass because his tractor ate its belt, I said "it's a good thing you have spares".  Not so.  Apparently, he hadn't gotten around to repairing them as they, also, broke down. His stress set in and it's been intense. The repair place he used in the past has gone out of business. So, he has been working with my son part-time and then spending his afternoons and evenings outside in the heat and humidity accompanied by mosquitoes. So far, no luck with getting even one of them working.  One of his neighborhood pals kindly offered to loan him his tractor to mow the grass this last time. He has been online doing research and talking to various friends and strangers but I think he will have to find another repair place in the end. But, what do I know?

To make matters worse, we had a thunderstorm the other night and one of our large trees was hit by lightning! A branch almost as big as the tree itself was tall,  broke off. It went down on the neighboring property so will have to be cleared up asap.

 It never rains but it pours, life sucks, bad luck comes in sets of 3 -whichever works for you. But, I choose - 


Last Sunday my daughter came down from the Poconos for a pizza party. I didn't take many pictures. Our youngest grandchild is Josh, age 12. He has a new laptop and is over the moon happy with it! 

And this is their dog, Lucky. Lucy loves it when he comes to visit.

Thanks so much for your visit! I will "see" you in about 10 days. 

PS: I apologize for the errors in this blog, ie. the quotation marks showed up out of the blue after post was published but not on my unpublished post. Haven't a clue. 


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