Hello dear bloggy friends! I hope that you are enjoying the waning days of Summer. Labor Day was yesterday so I guess it's time to pack away the light and bright Summer colors. Our air conditioning has been turned off for two days and the windows and doors are open. The first time since I returned home in June.

I woke up yesterday feeling refreshed and happy.   

I really think that the lack of heat and humidity had something to do with it.😊

Roger and I decided to take separate cars to the diner in Hellertown, for breakfast, about 5 minutes or so away. He had errands in another direction.

 After breakfast I headed to Monocacy Park for a stroll and to take pictures and afterwards I was going to stop at a friend's house. The park is old and is a part of a trailway that starts in Chapman and  meanders 20 miles or so through the slatebelt area in the Lehigh Valley and western Northampton counties. I live in Northampton county. It ends up in the Lehigh River in Allentown, just next door to Bethlehem.The limestone creek/stream is one of only 56 in Pennslyvannia. I remember this section of the park in the city of Bethlehem as being a big trout fishing area. The stream has a fast-flowing current, cascades over man-made tiered stairs, and continues on its way under a walking bridge and under a Stone bridge that is well-traveled on a busy road. 

There's a parking lot on the other side of the bridge. A trail picks up from the parking lot following the stream to the Lehigh River. I used to go birding on that trail many years ago.💖
It was shady and cool in the park. It's not a huge park  but is cool on a warm day. Although it wasn't humid it was in the *0's.     I snapped lots of pictures. I hope you enjoy the following...

The parking lot was filled with cars but I think a lot of people were out on the walking trail. As I entered the parking lot and exited my car, took my camera and debated about taking my handbag. Nope, I don't need the extra baggage and I locked it in the trunk of my car. 

The thing I observed right away after crossing the road and entering was the lack of upkeep. 


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