But first let's enjoy this cheerful Summer scene depicting life on the Island...

Hello dear bloggy friends! I trust you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving or if you don't live in the United States I hope you still ate well and feel blessed. 
Today I feel thankful for all the people who have subscribed to my blog or put me on their blog reading list. I don't have a lot of followers but I do have a fair amount of subscribers and I feel very blessed indeed for each and every one of you! Thank you from the bottom of my lobster loving heart! 💖 I read all of your blogs, but, like a lot of you I don't always comment. I do make sure I comment regularly to those of you who leave me a comment. No pressure though! I just am grateful that you visit at all! 

November Sunsets

So, November is just about over. I am trying to stay positive so yesterday I dragged decorations downstairs and put away the summer bits and bobs we have scattered around this old house gathering dust. Believe me when I confess that this house hadn't been dusted the whole 5 months I was gone. Before I left I didn't think about who would be cleaning the house, just that Mom would get her needs taken care of. And she was very well looked after. No complaints there.  I will be putting up a little tree and a fiber optic angel and the Christmas Village I bought last year. We don't have a lot of room. We are slightly cluttered with Mom's keepsakes, etc. And I have my sewing center in the midst of all the clutter. No, I am not going to post pictures because I just imagine that you all have spacious, organized and magazine worthy homes and would be shocked to see our clean but cluttered abode! I have never thought of myself as a hoarder, just those around me, but I am beginning to realize how much STUFF I really have and I really need it ALL! 😍

Moving right along...Did you know...yes, I know you know...

"Children are the rainbow 🌈 of life. Grandchildren are the pot of gold. "

We have two grandchildren who have birthdays in December.  Our oldest grandchild, Alyssa, and our youngest grandchild, Joshua. 

Alyssa (on the left) will be 22 on December 5th. She is a senior in college.

Joshua will be 13 on the 10th. 

Yes, they do!!!

Although our landscape is looking a bit bleak and bare, there's a few places here and there that are easier on the eyes. We have another storm heading our way tomorrow. My mother hates wind, she's afraid of what it can do. The last storm three fisherman were lost at sea. They have evidence that the boat sank but the men themselves were not found. So sad.

This house is on the Island. Lighthouse Point. It must surely be scary there when the winds 
get to 50 miles an hour and stronger!😯

I leave you with one of my favorite illustrations.

Have I mentioned that I collect cute and cozy illustrations?
 On this one I imagine that these little hedgehogs are tucked up by the fire while the rain is hitting the windows and the wind is howling around their little house.


  1. Ah, yes! Comments. I read blogs everyday, but many times I don't comment. Especially for the folks who write something everyday. IT is far easier to leave a comment on posts that have a few days between them. ( I simply don't know what to say on a day to day basis...) But I do try o leave comments on folks who comment on mine. Sometimes just to let them know that other people are enjoying their ramblings. Love the pics of your place. IT certainly looks like a beautiful area. And currently the wind is gusting at 45 mph outside. Iowa was the fist place I have ever seen a semi truck on its side just from high winds! And it happens all the time here.

  2. I wonder if your house looks that cluttered, but I also think that everyone has that 'perfect' house, although , no one knows what that perfect house should look like. I am happy in my simple,small home and that's really all that matters.As I'm sure you are happy in yours. ENjoy these weeks leading up to Christmas.

  3. Relax, I don't know anyone with a magazine worthy home:)) That sunset picture took my breath away. Just beautiful and loved the chairs by the water. Good looking grands and know they brighten your life.
    Loved that little hedgehog with is legs shooting out the back.

  4. Oh I wish I could sit on one of those chairs and watch the ocean. What a beautiful and calm place to be....

  5. Chuckling at the thought that all your readers have "spacious, organized and magazine worthy homes". Not I! That lighthouse is pretty awesome looking and I'm guessing it can withstand some mighty strong winds. I suppose they're all built to, though, aren't they. It's just that that one looks downright beefy!

  6. My home is certainly not magazine worthy home but it's our home, warm and comfortable just as it should be. I so agree about not looking back, let's look forward to a brighter future. Sending birthday wishes to your grandchildren.

  7. I have way more stuff than I need. I would have far less but my husband retrieves things I’ve tried to discard. I’ve given up in that regard.

    Grandchildren are such a blessing. Ours will decorate our tree just before Christmas. They bring the spirit of the season to our lives.

    Happy birthday to your sweeties this coming month.

  8. I so love that quote about children being the rainbow of life and grandkids the pot of gold...before I even finished reading I sent it to my BFF...cause that sure does describe our grands. I LOVE that is stunning. I LOVE your blog...I am just a little bit out of sync with life right now...have had this open since last night and just now reading it.

    My home is a mess in all ways...and I was just telling a friend, it is dirty. I need the carpets cleaned...I have a cleaner we have always used, but I don't think Roger could help me move the chairs, etc. And seems like there is always some place we have to be that I don't schedule to have it cleaned. And then I can't get on my knees to do a lot of stuff....I am good at excuses. But these are honest to goodness true. I could go on and on but I won't.

    I need to my stuff, too!

  9. I agree lets keep looking forward, I will be happy when we can get back to normal.
    This is such a lovely post, you sound like a very proud Grandmother, you are very Blessed.


  10. A lovely post, I enjoyed reading and seeing your pictures.
    Have to agree that last illustration is very cute and cosy :)

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  11. I enjoy my visits here! Creative people have more clutter than other people:)

  12. Beautiful pictures! My house is cluttered, too, with all the things I've collected over the years. I try to declutter, but, it doesn't come easily to me.


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