Hello there! Happy Sunday! I hope that you are well and looking forward to the upcoming holidays. I am continuing on my Thirty Days of Thankfulness. I saw this top photo on a blog called WISEHEARTED. I don't know where she came by it but the first thing I thought was 'how did this person get this on his hands?' But, of course, we can do this sort of thing with our computers, if we know how. The point Wisehearted was making, though, was that God formed us, put us where He wanted us and made us who we are. We matter to Him. Well, I am so thankful He put me in the United States! I'm not knocking other countries, no, no.  But, when you compare it to living in  communist countries, I feel very blessed indeed. 


Possibly, looking at this picture we might think, WOW! How insignificant I am in the scheme of things. Well, yes, maybe so but I know who I am and God knows who I am so that's all that matters when all is said and done.💖 I am so thankful I have this knowledge despite whatever is going on around me. 

 It was milder yesterday but we still had the ever present wind. Pumpkin Island lighthouse always looks the same, and I am thankful that it's only a mile away from Mom's.  It's a place to go to meditate now and again.  The cottages are closed up for the winter and it offers up tranquillity if you need to space out. Speaking of spacing out...I sometimes wonder  about myself!

Yesterday I went to Ellsworth, donned my mask and food shopped until I dropped in Hannaford and Walmart. It seems there must always be drama in my life! Upon arriving home I realized I didn't have the $50.00 gift card I had bought in Wal-Mart to have on hand for a Christmas gift. I searched but it soon became apparent that I must have left it on the little shelf where you write your checks. So I called the store and the lady in customer service said she would check into it. Now what are the chances that I would see that card again? There were people behind me, and the clerk, poor man, looked very tired, just going through the motions until he had a break or went home. Mom was praying but I had already accepted the loss. HOWEVER...SHE CALLED BACK AND SAID SHE HAD IT AND I COULD PICK IT UP the next time I was in the store. I am so thankful there are honest people in my life!!

I will leave you with this that was sent to me by Roger. It made me laugh.😀



  1. It's heartwarming to know there are honest people around us, I'm glad your gift card was found and handed in.

  2. There are honest people around. I am happy you found some when you needed them.

    It may look like we are insignificant in the grand scale of the planet but there are people in our lives to whom we mean the world. It is the same for many people around the world and that makes us significant on a world scale.

  3. What a comfort to know that wherever we are, God holds us in His hands. Praise God for honest people.

  4. Oh, I am so glad to know your gift card was found and saved for you. I was trying to brace myself for your loss. This is a very good post, Susan. Thank you for reminding us that we are in God's hands!

  5. So fun. Yes Thankful! I would never consider myself a patriot or very patriotic. ( I was in the Army 25 years ago) But I do love this country. I have been to several others and this one is the best by comparison. ( Canada is certainly filled with wonderful people though) And although it may seem like a dark time at the moment, I have faith that the American spirit will shine through. And nothing is more American than Family during the Holidays. Fights, arguments, greetings, and stories are all shared by the family.... just like things used to be in this country. At the end of the day, Your Family is still the family and the United states are still filled with Americans that can never agree on anything.( Or at least.. very much) I would have it no other way

  6. I like that posting that Roger sent to you to see (and entertain!) So nice about your gift card being found. We all know that feeling of leaving something behind. Andrea

  7. I tell myself often that God Loves Me...yes, me. But sometimes I have to keep repeating it.

    That with the gift card...there really are a lot of honest people left. A lot of kind hearted people. I am so glad it was found for you.

  8. How lucky are you that there are still honest people around! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Yes, there are honest people around, and I am pleased you found some :)

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

    All the best Jan

  10. Glad the gift card found it’s way back to you and your mom’s prayers might even have helped. Thanks for a post turkey day smile which I shared with my husband.


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