Lucy says hello

Hello, you dear people who take the time to read my humble blog be it ever so simple,  light reading. I am so thankful for you all.💖

The above photo is a favorite of my dog, Lucybelle. We mostly call her Lucy. She was about 4 years old in this photo and full of vim and vinegar! We rescued her as a puppy from a shelter in Kentucky. She was so tiny and cute as a button.❤

Unfortunately, in the next 4 years she developed chronic arthritis in her hips and became very inactive and overweight. She is a little Miss Piggy and given half a chance will steal from her older "sister", Dolly, and the cats. She is my constant companion and never far from my side. It's heartbreaking to leave her but for her own good I do not take her to Maine with me. For one thing her world is here. She has never been walked around the neighborhood. Our land is large enough, she can run around and explore, etc. I have to be within eye sight though. And, she is not a good traveller. She is like a piece of petrified rock once I lift her into the car and she stays that way until we get to wherever we are going. She hates being on her leash. She is not comfortable when she is in a new setting. Her tail goes between her legs and she sits, refusing to budge. Another problem is that we don't have an enclosed yard at Mom's. I would have to have her constantly on a leash or I would be afraid she might take off for the hills trying to get back to her safe haven in Pennsylvania! And, she is very attached to Dolly and would miss her. Dolly, in her blindness, bumps into Lucy, wags her tail and licks her on the nose.  No, it's less complicated if I leave Lucy here in her happy and safe environment.❤ 

Today we continue our Thirty days of Thankfulness posts. Needless to say, Lucy is high up there on my list of blessings

We have had rain lately. Our temps are so unbelievably mild! I love taking pictures of leaves after the rain has fallen on them. My own world these days has diminished. But all I have to do is step outside our back patio door to enjoy lots of them, both on the trees and on the ground, everywhere you look we have leaves. Ah, a delight to behold. 



  1. It was thoughtful of you to consider Lucy's comfort and I am sure Dolly is glad also though you must miss them. What beautiful shades of red.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, the colours so vibrant. Love them.

    I am sure you and Lucy will miss each other!

  3. Those leaves are all so beautiful . I love the carpet of colored leaves, nade even prettier with the rain.

  4. Lucy is so adorable, Krissy was a rescue she says hello to Lucy.
    Beautiful fall photos.


  5. Hello to Lucy, she is beautiful.. You will miss her terribly and she will miss you when you have to leave her behind, so sad. Wonderful autumn photos.

  6. Such pretty leaves! Lucy will miss you:(

  7. So many pretty leaves still. We went from about half the leaves around here still clinging to trees, to bare trees in just a couple of days. The wind is howling toady and it feels like winter is about to descend. :( Supposed to warm up to 65 again later in this week, though, so it's not winter yet! :)

  8. I so enjoyed the photos
    ..the leaves are so beautiful. Yes, much easier on Lucy to leave her in her own home. But I know you will miss her.

  9. Gorgeous fall photos. Lucy is so cute. I hope Lucy has some relief from arthritis. Hard to leave her behind I bet but seems like a sound decision.

  10. Hello to Lucy.
    I really enjoyed seeing all of your photographs :)

    All the best Jan


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