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Hello, dear friends! How are you? Here in Bethlehem, PA  the days are getting cooler. This morning the temperature  gauge is showing 40 degrees, F. And our landscape is pretty bare after the wind and rain of the last few days. Certainly not like this picture taken about a month ago.

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Our stray cat, Rascal, can usually be found in his heated house on the back patio. We have been feeding him dry food with a sprinkling of treats on the top as well as a vitamin powder called, Strive. He loves it. I have given him wet food just for a change but he lets me know that I have let him down. ๐Ÿ˜ถ  And he is finally putting on weight. He used to be gone for several days at a time, was ravenous when he returned, and so skinny. Sadly, we can not touch him but he will tolerate me and the dogs walking past his house when he's snoozing. Anyway...

Sometimes he sleeps on his cushion under the glass table.

Continuing on with My Thirty Days of Thankfulness, I must be sure to mention how thankful I am for my hubby who tries his darndest, (is that even a word?), to make my life comfortable and secure. I'm sure that most of my readers, if not all, can say the same about THEIR life partners.  Even if, like mine, they are getting testy and complainy in their older years. ๐Ÿ’• We all have our burdens to bear. ๐Ÿ˜He's extremely hard working and always on the go.

Speaking of burdens, I have some eye issues that make it very hard for me to see after dark. (Macular Degeneration) So, I do not push my luck. However, my upcoming trip, planned for Tuesday, tomorrow! has become a worry. It's about a 12 hour trip so I am unable to complete it in one day without running out of day light. Normally, (what is that anymore?), that would not be a problem. I would book into a motel/hotel. However, with Corvid restrictions elevated again in all the states I am travelling through I have been denied reservations everywhere! A Corvid test and quarantining required. They don't even want you in their state! The testing results can take days! I obviously didn't think this through! Mom's caregiver has said she can't work anymore after Tuesday. A bump in the road or maybe a huge pothole! After going up, down and around, I have decided to just get up before dawn, get into my already packed car and drive all day with the hope that I will get there by 4 in the afternoon. I get on the interstate 10 minutes from my house and keep on one highway or the other, through New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and end up getting off in Augusta, Maine to complete the last 3 hours of my trip on twisty and turny 2 lane roads. Not fun going through the dense woods in the dark when you have eyes that are looking through a windshield darkly.๐Ÿ˜— Everything is murky, not clear, grrr. Oh, to have my young eyes again! If you feel inclined, a prayer for safe traveling tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.๐Ÿ’–


How well do you recall memories from long ago? Childhood? Teens? Some people seem to be able to recall their past life events, milestones, or just everyday moments with family and friends in perfect detail, in colorful detail even! I must admit I am not one of them. My memories, if they can be found at all in the file cabinets that I call my mind are mostly in the Lost and Found folder; some are lost forever and others can only be found after a lot of searching but still end up murky at best. Why this is, I do not know. What I do know is that in my past I have consciously surpressed really bad, hurtful ordeals from my memory banks. Wiped them out, gone!  

My dad, when he was at the end of his life in the nursing home, lost all interest in TV, his music. He would just sit and stare into space. I visited him most every day to feed him his supper. He had had an injury and his right arm was permanently disabled. I would ask him what he was thinking about. He said he was reliving the past. After that I would ask him every day what was on his mind and he would tell me about the memories he had of his childhood, school, his family or maybe his Navy days, his life as a fisherman, his life with Mom, us kids, or as the owner of a seafood restaurant for over fifty years. How precious to have all those memories!! He could have written a book! I laughed and I cried listening to them day after day. He could not remember what he ate five minutes after supper though. Sometimes I wondered if he recognized me, no kidding.

I am so thankful that my father, who, in the course of his life was very reticent about his personal life, his experiences, or even his beliefs, was finally able to share all with me because I had asked him for the first time, ever, what was on his mind. A treasure trove of memories.๐Ÿ˜‡

Well, I guess I had better get my act together and start packing! Have a great day! ๐Ÿ’•

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  1. It's Christmas cactus paradise at your house! And I must tell you, you are a great daughter! To care for your parents so well! I will pray. It's smart to get the worst part over first, driving in the dark morning. God will protect your driving.

    I like to think over past memories (always the good of course!) also. Precious memories. I think they are so precious because we will see our loved ones again when we get to heaven. Andrea

  2. I will be thinking of you tomorrow on your arduous drive. Take care and God speed.

  3. Oh please be careful with that long of a drive. I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Praying that your drive over will be safe.

  5. You write such a good post. I love the pictures too. Your Christmas cactus are beautiful. I never knew how pretty they were until ours started blooming recently. Hope you have a safe trip and everything works out just fine. How wonderful that your dad shared all those memories with you. Take care.

  6. Oh my goodness. How could you have thought that problem through? I would not have been aware of travel restrictions between states - even though I've been watching the news and am well aware of spikes. I will tell you, though... my hubs got tested last month and said results would return in 4 days, but he had them in 2. But the quarantining part would be the challenge, I imagine. I am praying for you, Susan. I have different driving issues due to different eye issues, but you have my sympathies and some understanding.

    How precious that your dad has such long-ago memories still intact. Having worked (pre-COVID) with a sweet elderly lady with dementia, I consider that a real gift. I wish I still had my parents and could hear their stories. I was too young (and too busy caring for young children) when they died to realize that part of the loss.

    Safe travels!

    1. I'm sorry, Susan, I quickly re-read and see that your dad has passed. So glad you heard his memories when you still had him. :)

  7. I know it is late, but I do pray that you have made it safely to your destination! I hope you do a little post to let us know how it went. Even just say that you made it.

    I was just talking to someone else about how our older days are...I don't like driving at night at all. And didn't mind it a bit 15 yrs ago.

    And Roger came and told me he was laying down...said he was just tired late this evening. He kept assuring me he was just tired...but it is always hard not to worry.

    anyway, there are a bunch of us, aren't there, that are at this age? I get a lot of moral support from some of my blogging friends.

    1. Yes, I love all my bloggy friends! I look forward to your comments and blogs. The trip was long and tiring but I made it before dark and unpacked my very full car. I had stopped at the nearest KFC in Ellsworth and Mom was very happy to see me and her favorite food! I felt a bit sick, my back and knees ached so I went to bed early with my heating pad. Dropped off to sleep but woke up at 1 am. Couldn't sleep anymore because I am not used to going to sleep so early! Sometimes you just can't win with this sleeping thing, lol. Thanks so much for thinking about me.๐Ÿ’–

  8. I hope everything worked out on your trip and that you've settled back into life with your mom, she must have been very pleased to see you. Those memories that your dad shared with you are precious. I really miss having my parents around, there have been so many things in the short space of time since their deaths that I've wanted to know and they're no longer here to ask. I'm glad you got to hear those memories while your dad was still with you. You've certainly made Rascal at home with all his home comforts. Such a shame he won't let you touch him but at least he's being well looked after.


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