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Hello again! Thanks so much for stopping by! Today I am thankful to see the sun. We've enjoyed having wind and rain instead of snow and wind which equals a blizzard. Yesterday when it stopped raining I went for a walk up our little hill and down a longer hill to get to the beach there. It's where, as a child,  we would hunt for tiny crabs amongst the rocks and seaweed. My children have fond memories of doing the same. It's also where my grandparents lived but also where my parents (Eugene) owned a restaurant(the Lobster Pool) next to it for over 50 years. It was sold many years ago along with the house. 

I was enjoying my walk on the beach when thunder rumbled and the rain came down in sheets! I had on a hooded winter coat but it soaked through quickly. Being a stubborn Mainiac I went on snapping photos but did turn back. Halfway up the hill is a side road (Good Point) that goes to the point behind Grammie's house on one side, you can see it through the trees, and the little cemetery where she is buried on the other.  There are a few summer cottages and a spectacular ocean view, normally. I wanted to capture the force of the wind on the waves but, alas, it was foggy and yucky as far  as visible. I did take a liking to an old birch tree. 


I trudged up the hill and home again. I couldn't have been more wet if I had fallen fully clothed into the sea! Mom thought I was crazy to be out in the rain and wind but I have always loved ocean plus wind.😊 I just needed some time alone with Mother Nature and my camera.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



  1. You captured some beautiful images along the way.

  2. I have missed your Maine pictures. It's another world to me. Beautiful.

  3. Lovely photos. I live by the sea and must get down there with my camera sometime soon, rain or no rain... I do agree.

  4. Your shoreline looks more like the Newfoundland shoreline than my current home of Prince Edward Island does.

    What great memories you have there and deep roots.

  5. Beautiful!! Such a pretty area filled with memories for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Mom:)

  6. Such a lovely collection of photographs.
    Happy Thanksgiving Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  7. I so love ALL these photos..hate that you got soaked, but you might as well stay and enjoy it since you would have were getting soaked anyway. Just a bit of time to yourself with your camera probably keeps you grounded. Love the photo with all the cardinals...but oh, I just loved them all.


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