Lucy has a worried look.

Hello there dear friends! The sun is shining! It's stopped raining! The wind is whipping through our trees but the leaves that are left are holding on. It's a cold wind. I have just heard the first song of the White- throated sparrow- "oh sam peabody peabody, peabody." It has come back for the winter. Juncos should be showing up any day now. 

Anyway,  I hope this post finds you well and coping in our weary world. Troubles somehow seem larger these days and even little things can be overwhelming, making "mountains out of mole hills" as the old saying goes. The lyrics to a  song..."the mountains are taller, the rivers wider, but I know who holds my hand" rings in my ears after hearing it in church yesterday. 

Well, history is about to be made isn't it?? I'll admit that while I've watch very little news coverage these past 4 months and I've tried to distance myself from discussing politics, I am very anxious about the outcome of the election. 😐 It's going to be very close I think!  Life will go on regardless of the results and it will be wonderful to put the hype behind us while we try to regain a sense of equilibrium in our lives. A sense of the mundane. There's precious little to get excited over after the election of the president of the United States. However, Roger and I have been doing our best,  filling our evenings by watching the 12 seasons of Hercules Poirot on Britbox. He's been watching football, of course, and I have vlogs and blogs. The other night when I couldn't sleep I read a book, THE GIRL WHO WANTS by Amy Vansant. I enjoyed the  fast paced murder mystery. I haven't done a lot of book reading lately. I blame it on my silly addiction to the online game of dominoes. 

But, I do have other things to think about... packing up and heading back to the Island is in my immediate future. I have lots of organizing to do as I fill my car with clothes, yarn, fabric, books and my new reciprocal saw, lol.  I wonder if it's going to all fit in to the Impala. 

Through My Kitchen Window

Splish splash taking a bath

Here are a few pictures I pulled from my archives.

Our path to the shore. The deer like the apples.

It can be very peaceful over by the causeway on the Island. Islanders pitch fork the seaweed into the back of their pick up trucks and spread it on their gardens, as a fertilizer,  for the winter.

The old homestead.

Budgie and Peggy on top of their cage in Roger's office.

Have a great 'day before election day' and be sure to get out and vote if you haven't already.



  1. I hope the packing's going well. Have a safe trip.

  2. Safe travels when you get out there.

  3. My grandfather always used seaweed on his garden in Newfoundland and I use it on mine in PEI. Why let such a valuable resource go to waste?

    Take care.

  4. Lucy does look like she knows something's up. Poor thing. I wonder if she is as curious as I am about what you're going to do with the saw at your mother's.

  5. I wish you safe travels and hope you get there with the items that you want.

  6. I have enjoyed your posts from your PA home these many months, Susan, and will look forward once again to your New England ones. I hope your packing and then travel goes well. It must be hard to pack up and leave, but your mother will welcome your return. And, watching the news is not something I do but reading briefly online each a.m. is my limit.


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