Our harbor is looking cold!

Hello there! I am so happy you could stop by. There's not much happening here in the cove. Especially since the bitterest cold temperatures and wind we've experienced so far has come knocking at our doors and windows. I have been very generous to the wildlife that visits my yard. I can't bear to see them struggling to find food when it's so cold. I ordered six 50 pound bags of cracked corn and two 50 pound bags of black oil sunflower seeds from Hammond Lumber in Blue Hill the first of the week and had it delivered. They stack it in our main entry way to the house and I drag the bags in and through the house to the other entry that goes out to the side yard. Whew, what a work out! Before Covid they used to do all that for me and I would give them a generous tip.😌 The good old days.

We had a high of 19 degrees F. today and a wind of about 25 mph. Last night the wind was much stronger. Tonight we will get down to 0 degrees F. The wind is still brisk but not as strong as it was earlier. So, I put out a bunch of food on the deck for the raccoons. I haven't seen them in weeks but last night I turned the light on out there and "Mama raccoon"  was hurrying to run off it. Mom was glad to hear that she was still among the living. Her little ones came around here all Summer while I was at home in Pennsylvania and Mom would throw out bread to them on the deck.  She loved watching them. We heard lots of gunfire several weeks ago and worried about their fate. I feel the wildlife should remain wild and only get handouts in the Winter. I think raccoons don't like the snow and cold and might stay in their abodes during the worst weather of winter.

Tonight we had a beautiful sunset  but by the time I saw it out our  front window it was almost gone.  It's a shame there's so many wires in the photos.

I was looking out our kitchen window this afternoon and I was thrilled to see Foxy! He was eating sunflower seeds that I threw out under the tree for the birds who are ground feeders and also for the red squirrels. I quickly snapped a picture before he disappeared.

We had a few other visitors this week as well. 

Tomorrow I hope to go down the Island to Stonington to the store. We are expecting a Nor'easter next week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wouldn't you know it, Wednesday is the day I have an appointment in Ellsworth for my eye injection! Oh, well, it is what it is. 

Several days ago I was on a step stool putting up a new clock on the wall. As I stepped back down I forgot that I had put a six pack of ginger ale bottles on the floor that were in my way. (A very dumb thing to do.) I stepped off the bottom step onto the bottles. I went flying across the kitchen backwards with my arms flapping and bottles going in all directions. I crashed into the sink area with a painful jolt to my back and slid to the floor scraping my back down across the knobs on the cupboards. . To say it hurt like blazes would be an understatement ! I have been on medication for years due to back issues. When I could get up I went in the bathroom and threw up. I was out of commission for two days. Poor Mom, who has her days and nights mixed up again, was on her own. She is quite able to fend for herself if she has to. I am taking it slow and easy.


So, it’s another day since I started this post. I woke up at 11 o’clock! It feels good to feel better!❤️

I headed down the Island to the store to stock up before the nor’easter we are expecting strikes us with 10 inches of snow. I stopped a couple of times to snap a few photos. It’s still cold, 15 degrees but sunny.

ANOTHER day has passed so I really need to click on PUBLISH!

I  received a call from my son, Mark. He doesn't call often.  I am not a typical mother I guess. I seldom call my children. I let them lead their lives. I love them and always love hearing from them. His Grandmother was thrilled that he called. She enjoys hearing from her grandchildren.

I didn't accomplish much this week. I did read a couple of books by Melanie Lageschulte: The Growing Season and Harvest Season. 

I did a couple more rows on my two doilies.

I watched a lot of Vlogs on YouTube that I subscribe to. 

I went to Ellsworth to buy blueberry muffins for Mom. She loves Walmart muffins. I also brought her a Mcchicken. She was happy.😊

So there you have it! 

Take good care of yourselves, 

❤Happy Sunday!❤


  1. Whew! You could have broken a bone with that fall. i enjoy all your lovely pictures.

  2. That fall sounded positively scary. So glad you are doing better. Heard about the storm coming your way. Hope your get through it with no problems. and that you and your wild life stay warm and fed.

  3. I hope you haven't done any lasting damage to your back, that was quite a fall. Lovely photo of Foxy, I do feel for the wildlife when the weather's bad, we spend quite a bit on bird food, it's amazing just how much they can get through in a short space of time.

  4. Susan: I agree about Prayer, I pray for others and hope all is well.
    Beautiful outdoor photos, Foxy is beautiful.
    I do hope you are recovering quickly, I have done something very similar to you but in the laundry room when I fell.
    You are a Blessing to your Mother, we must take care of our Family.
    I miss my parents so much, you are very lucky to have her.


  5. Glad you didn't get too badly hurt (as in broken bones) when you fell! Please do be careful! Lovely pictures of all your visitors! Foxy seems to be smiling in the photo.

  6. I'm glad your back is feeling better now after that nasty fall. It's lovely that you look after the wildlife in this bad winter weather and your photos are fabulous. Such a wonderful photo of Foxy.

  7. That sounds like a bad fall. You were very fortunate.

    The visitors are well fed at your home and you take great photos of them.

    Take care.

  8. I have had this open to read since yesterday afternoon....I love to read your posts when I have no distractions. I am so relieved you did not break anything with that fall. I really was on the edge of my seat almost in the short time it took to read it.

    I love all the wildlife you get to feed and photograph there. Love the photos you choose to share. Here, if I put out food, starlings flock in and it is gone in almost less time than it took me to put it out. It did not used to be that way and I miss the old days.

  9. i enjoyed this post, and your images are so beautiful!! i did not notice the wires in the picture of the sunset until you mentioned them!! i see a lot of "critters" in my yard too, no deer though and i wish i did. my neighbor across the street has picked them up on her ring doorbell thing, i did not think they were so close!! the fox is so pretty...i thought i saw one in my yard, knitting at a squirrels tail but i can't be sure!!

    sounds like you took a serious tumble, we all need to be more careful as we get older!! (i hate saying older)!!

  10. What a nice treat to come to your blog from your comment on mine. You have a lovely blog, and your photography is stunning. I hope you will visit me often, as I plan to put you on my list of blog I like.
    Stay warn, if possible. A new friend, Wanda

  11. I am late in reading this post, Susan, as now I'm do weekly blog reads. By now the nor'easter will have gone through as it did here leaving us with about 12 inches, much less than other places including NY and NJ where my brother had double that amount. The sunset photos were colorful and a nice close up of Foxy too. Ouch to that nasty fall and hope your back is feeling better with rest and meds. Hope the baby raccoons are all doin OK and I don't blame them for not weanting to venture out in the cold temps


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