Hello and good morning! I am typing this on my new iPad and I must say it is BRILLIANT, as the British would say. I can’t thank my husband enough for his thoughtfulness and his generosity. πŸ₯° 

Today is a big day in our country. The inauguration of a new president. As a Conservative I am not happy about the outcome of the election-any of it-but I will respect the Office of President and hope for the best. Most of all, though, I hope that we can start to heal  in the coming months...our hearts and our minds and our bodies.πŸ˜”

Yesterday was a lovely day even if it was 32 degrees F. I finally took the plunge. Not in the ocean but to get out in society! It's only been a week but it seems like a month!  I dressed in warm and presentable clothes and headed down the Island. As I crossed the causeway the tide was high and seagulls were flocked together basking in the sun on flat ledges rising out of the cold ocean, just enough so they could snuggle down, wing to wing, presenting a beautiful white and grey against a deep blue sea. I really wanted to take a photo of them but there was no way I could stop in the middle of a busy causeway. (This picture was taken last month when it wasn't so busy.)

Seaside Pharmacy

When I arrived at our lovely pharmacy there were 8 vehicles waiting for service. Now, about a year ago Doug, our nice pharmacist, put into place strict guidelines for his patrons. No money changing hands. No admittance inside the building. Call to place your orders. Credit card payments over the phone or you will be billed at a later date. Stay in car and you will be called to the outside window to pick up order. Stay six feet from window and reach for your order and he or his daughter will pass it to you. WEAR A MASK! He knows everyone on sight or by car. So, seeing as how there were no more available parking spots in front I decided to kill some time. I drove on by to see what I could find down over the hill to photograph. 

STONINGTON: the lobster capital of Maine

Stonington is very hilly. I like to call it “cliffy". The majority of the houses on the ocean side sit on rock. There are cross streets  and little windy roads with houses nestled here there and everywhere. In the summertime with summer folk at their houses and a shortage of available parking, the  freedom I had yesterday to park anywhere and snap away would not have been as enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the following pictures. I had very little time because I still needed to go to the pharmacy and stop at the store for food items before the sun went down. I can’t drive after dark anymore. I started out at a cross street about half way down the hill overlooking a section of the harbor, took pictures in all directions, and then moved on to the shipyard-accessed by going across a small causeway (shown here as I was leaving the shipyard) onto Moose Island and through a set of security gates. It was quitting time and men were leaving so I snapped a few pictures without going all the way in to “The Yard” as it’s usually called, and left. My favorite was the boat at the dock with the flags and FREEDOM painted on each side of the bow. So, anyway, here we go...

On the way to the shipyard I stopped here and there to try and catch the beauty of the sky and ocean and the chunks of flat granite and smooth rocks everywhere. GRANITE from STONINGTON's old quarry is famous and can be found in Washington D.C. and other places.πŸ‘

I made my way back to the pharmacy and took my place in the line of cars out front. I tried to get a good picture but...the picture I took next door was better! I like the sign and it’s colorful background. 

Yes, we do tend to leave out the r’s in most words and add them on words ending in a’s. I find when I am here in Maine I slip back into the dialect but when I go home to PA I slip back, for the most part, into talking “properly”. 😏


I managed to get out of the house to do a pharmacy run and some food shopping which meant that I talked to someone else besides my mother. 

I worked on my crochet project one morning for several hours before Mom got up, and,  between phone calls, completed 2 rows of stitching on each doily. πŸ˜€ It may not sound like much but the week has a few more days left in it.

I read 4 books by MARGARET MAYHEW, of her “Village” series. I like her murder mysteries because at this time in my life I’m not interested in gore. I want interesting characters, a well written story, a bit of humor. The books take place in Dorset, England, in the village of Frog End and there’s a pub called the Dog and Duck. I have 2 more books to finish the series. The books are free on Kindle Unlimited. So far I give this series 3 hearts out of 5.❤️❤️❤️

I listened to one PODCAST:



Regular vlogs and two documentaries:


And there you have it!

Take good care of yourselves,

God, please bless America,



  1. Beautiful area you live in. I've never been there -

  2. The area looks beautiful. All the boats in the water is an unusual sight. They all have to come out of the water here.

  3. Lovely photos and there is no snow or frozen water! I am a Conservative also...I pray for the best for our country but I am skeptical that anything will be accomplished so we can prosper as a Nation:)

  4. Lovely views. The water looks so deep blue and beautiful .

  5. Lovely photos and what a nice area. The sign made me laugh, it's brilliant :-)

  6. I enjoyed the drive through your village, especially as our town is on a harbor as well. Love that blue house! “Wicked fah apart” gets the message across quite well.

  7. As always...loved my visit. I so enjoy your pictures and words. I want to get on google maps if I can remember to visit your neck of the woods. Well, want to see the area of the photos here. I travel kml the world via Google maps.

  8. Susan: I love all your photos, so very beautiful, that is one blue sky and water, we have very cold weather here in Minnesota snow storm coming tomorrow ugh.
    I am like you I hope we heal President Trump did some wonderful things and now they are undone, I would never had treated any President the way he was treated, its a shame, God is needed now more then ever.


  9. ooooh such a beautiful area...being close to the water is such a wonderful thing. i liked the colorful homes and the sign sure did make me smile!!

    i'm pretty sure you asked me about my camera. it is on the older side but i love it. it's a nikon coolpix b700. it's easy to handle, it photographs like a dsl but you do not have to change lenses.

    1. sometimes when you comment on my blog, i can hop right through to your blog and leave a comment, other times not!! the sketch of the lighthouse doesn't work, the picture does...i wonder why!?!?

    2. I don't know! I have been trying to leave comments today and I am listed as "Anonymous"!

  10. I enjoyed seeing the pictures! You live in a very pretty area. I would have expected to see more snow on the ground, though! For some reason, I always imagined that Maine received a lot of snow in the winter!

  11. You always take such beautiful photos, seeing these pictures makes me want to visit. Glad you're finding a bit of time in the day to do some crocheting and reading, it's good to do things for yourself as well as others.

  12. New to your blog. Love the pics. they made me feel like I was there with you ... enough so that I had to go put on a sweater against the cold! Btw, I applaud your offer of respect and wish to heal.

  13. Susan, I always enjoy your photos, but these are even more stunning, it seems. I love the village built on the rocks. I'm reminded of the song about the foolish man who build his house on the sand, and the wise man who built his house upon the rock. :)

  14. What a lovely bright day of sunshine to get out and enjoy the beauty! You are living in such a magnificent area, love the quiet beauty of the boats anchored just offshore. I'm amazed that winter there does not require them to be on land for the winter. I enjoyed the beautiful scenic views you shared, and hearing about the great reading series you have been enjoying. Like you, I pray somehow that God's hand will keep us through the difficult days ahead. Many blessings to you :)

  15. You live in a beautiful part of the country, Susan. Your photography skills displayed life there so well, I feel like I was right there with you. Now I'm ready for a vacation somewhere near the ocean. My favorite place to be. God bless and keep you. Hugs.


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