Hello dear friends! How ARE you? I hope that you are enjoying Spring as much as we are here on the coast of Maine. The warmer temps are so refreshing. And, I must say those cold roaring winds won't be missed either. 

Well, so let's see,  my life has been busier then usual lately. First of all I think our squirrel problem might be finally solved! I had a carpenter come in to do some much needed repairs upstairs. The good news is... no squirrels upstairs lately. Phew. I thought I would never see the light at the end of that tunnel.


 Pansies are one of Mom's favorite flowers and they are now in the nurseries. A big pot of them are just what the doctor ordered to keep her happy.  Speaking of Mom...in a few days she will be 94 years old! She is enjoying the fuss the family is showering on her with cards and gifts arriving in the mail. I bought her several summer dresses online but only one has arrived so far. But it doesn't matter, happy mail is appreciated even if it is late.


Spring and pansies also remind us of  a dear one lost to us here on earth but happy in heaven! My brother, Thomas, left us a year ago to start his heavenly life with loved ones there. His larger than life personality keeps us smiling in the memories we have of his many escapades!

"When someone you love becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure."


Life goes on here and has been buzzing  with deliveries, returns, and appliance repairs. I have had to get myself and Mom up at the crack of dawn-for us that is 8:00 AM, lol-so that we would be ready for whoever was supposed to show up that day.

 Spring cleaning has also commenced and I had to hired our handyman to take a truck load of stuff to the dump. I am working on a second load. Our vacuum cleaner and microwave had to be replaced so I went to Ellsworth and Walmart to do just that. Despite all this I feel like I am chipping away at air but, in essence, these purchases and repairs will make our life much easier and also give us some peace of mind. 

 My mother has been a hoarder her whole life. Her motto was “you never know when you are going to need it” so into a bag or box it went. My father wasn’t much better. I am left with a lot of unnecessary accumulation. Aside from my hobby necessities,  I am the exact opposite. In fact,  I must admit I do have a reputation...use it or lose it.    Roger has found me out a few times and has hunted down items he didn’t want to part with to bring them back home. The older I get the less I let it bother me. I have to pick my battles. I don’t much care unless it affects me personally such as here in Mom’s house because it will be me that will ultimately have to deal with it. I have taken two carloads of dishes, books, clothes, and other paraphernalia to Ellsworth to Goodwill. I hope someone else can enjoy them. Mom has supervised me closely. She doesn’t trust me. Their home office, once used for my Dad’s shellfish business and the restaurant is loaded with boxes upon boxes of business papers (about 40 yrs worth) that she insists needs to be shredded. I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole just yet. 


Most of the time my brain is a Hodge podge of random thoughts!


What I know now

During my adult working life I spent 20 years of what I would now call stressful living. Then it was just my normal everyday life and I just got on with it. I worked full time while raising a family plus my first husband was self employed with his business run from our home. I did his book keeping etc. There were never enough hours in the day. I fell into bed exhausted every night. Years later when I finally retired I was so happy to not have to start my days to the ringing of an alarm clock at 5:30 to ensure that I could give my 3 dogs their morning run at the park before starting work at 7:00.  I remember the joy of being able to retire at age 55. Roger was happier having me at home and I had started to have health  issues. Oh what joy! I would wake up and think what’s on my agenda today? Then it would dawn on me..NOTHING! I had no place I HAD to be. I had the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted. Pure heaven! Even now it is one of my very favorite things about my life. I still relish every day that joyous feeling of freedom to be myself. And...What do I know now that I didn’t know 50 years ago?  Well, mainly this...my worth as a human being is not measured by working hard,  or by how much I accomplish in any given day. That is not who I am. It’s more important  to enjoy the process of what I am doing and not just the outcome. If I had it to do over I would make the hard choices that would have made my life simpler and a lot less stressful. Less work oriented and more me oriented. 

Let the beauty of what you love shine through the work that you do.

My new hobbies

Two new projects arrived in my mail! I am looking forward to starting them.😊

And there you have it for this week. 

Take good care of yourselves,

Much love.





  1. Great Post! We figured out that we were not defined by our work about 10 years ago. Both of us value our time above all.. because it is the one most finite thing we have in this life. 94 years young! What a life! And from the sounds of things, she is still enjoying it. Good for her and Happy Birthday! Many more await!

  2. Glad to hear the squirrel problem is solved.

    Happy 94th to your mother. What a wonderful milestone. Not many are so fortunate to reach that age and to be in their own home.

  3. I am so glad to see this...and really glad you got the squirrel problem solved. Things like that can be maddening. You have been busy! I have been trying to declutter here for a long time. And I am not a hoarder except for my fabric. And I have even gotten rid of a few bits of it. And of course let my daughter have any fabric she wants...and Roger has given some things to Jeremy from his shop. And the girls have taken a few things...and are going to take some other things. I am trying to make sure they get things from their grandmas...

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Love your new hobby!

  4. You got the squirrel problem solved!! Good for you! Happy Birthday to your Mom! I understand about the keeping of things...as my parents have two garages with lots of stuff.
    Sounds like you are making progress!

  5. You have a good outlook on life, Susan. And I'm glad for you that you're able to make some headway with all the stuff. And with the squirrels! I hope your mother has a lovely 94th birthday!

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with you about enjoying your time in retirement and time to declutter. I'm so glad your squirrel problem has been solved. Wishing your Mom a very Happy 94th Birthday.

  7. You seem to be keeping very busy. i'm glad you can give your Mom some joy as her birthday approaches .

  8. First. Happy (early) Birthday to your mom, Susan, and glad she is being showered with gifts and cards to brighten the occasion. Second, glad to read the squirrel issue has at long-last been resolved. That was certainly a protracted battle, but looks like you won it! It's good to replace old appliances when they need to go and seems like you are all set for hopefully years of reliable service with the new ones. Keeping things past their "due date" is something many folks deal with all the time. Good luck on working through all that paperwork at some time in the future. The pansies are my favorite spring bloom.

  9. Happy birthday to your mother! May she be well and happy.

    Memories of loved ones who are no longer with us are precious, aren't they?

    Sounds like your days are quite busy! Enjoy the warmer spring days!

  10. I worked part-time from having children to eleven years ago when I was forty. A reshuffle at work meant that our office closed down, and I just never looked for another job. I appreciate being able to do the things I want to do without having to fit them in around other things. Great news about the squirrels, let's hope the carpenter has solved the problem. Your brother has a lovely face, he looks a kind man. These anniversaries are hard but it's good that we have our memories to look back on.

  11. That's good news about the squirrels.

    Lovely photograph of your brother, you must have so many special memories.
    Happy Birthday Wishes for your mother.

    Take care

    All the best Jan


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