๐ŸŒธWhen one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates what one has. (Stephen Hawking)๐ŸŒธ

The Cove. We live just over the hill. It’s famous for beautiful sunsets.


Hello there lovely people. Thank you for stopping by. I hope that with the arrival of Spring your world is becoming more colorful. Sadly I can only report that mud season has arrived here.  New birds are showing up at my feeders so that is encouraging.

My first robin!
(He looks a little rough around the edges. I wonder how far he had to travel to get here.)

The next few days we are supposed to be getting temps in the 50’s! I am planning on starting the process of sorting through boxes I brought down from upstairs, about 20 of them so far. The squirrels have made an awful mess up there. I have had no luck catching the last one that seems to be smarter than the rest. I haven’t heard him today though. I wonder where he is. If I do catch him I am going to take him across the bridge and hopefully our paths will never meet again! The other night MOM said he was running around her room. She hunkered down with the covers over her head. She sleeps in the old dining room. It doesn’t have a door only an archway. I’m not sure if it was fact or fiction. She is very nervous and every little noise is exaggerated. The wind was howling that night and the satellite dish was pounding on the roof. But thank goodness I have a door on my room. Tomorrow the carpenter comes. I am putting all my eggs in his basket! Today I broke up the monotony of my days of  trying to out smart the little bugger by going to Ellsworth for my macular degeneration injection. Breakfast at MacDonald’s! I hope the rest of my week goes smoothly. My aim is to destress. I may take a folding chair down to the shore and count waves. ๐Ÿคช
I imagine I will spend some time cleaning up my flower garden. We shall see. I have no expectations of myself. One day at a time. 


I have buried myself in a murder series, nine books, written by Simon McCleave. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I have also listened to Force of Nature by Jane Harper. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I get very little sleep.


I saw in our news that:   Gone are the days of paying your entrance fee and exploring the park at your leisure. I usually visit the park once a year since it’s not that far from here but I think I will be giving it a miss this year. 

The only other news is that our bridge will be under repair starting the 12th. Another annual event consisting of long lines, single lane and never ending delays week after week.

And there you have it!
Take good care of yourselves, 


  1. I hope the carpenter can sort your squirrel problem. Your Mom is feeling anxious and I can't say I blame her. Your bird photos are lovely and the robin redbreast is beautiful.

  2. Hope you can catch that squirrel and relocate him. Can see why he makes your mom nervous.
    Wonderful bird shots and laughed out loud at evolution.

  3. Your birds! You have inspired me to get a feeder. So far I have seen several house sparrows, and one cardinal. I hope i get more! Breakfast at McDonald's sounds good right now! Have a lovely day up there.

  4. Sitting at the shore and counting waves sounds relaxing to me.

  5. Can I bring my folding chair and sit with you? I promise to be quiet. You got some great bird be such a pest, starlings sure are beautiful. I love the one of the woodpecker hanging know the one I mean I hope.

    Let us know what the carpenter finds.

  6. Great photos of the birds. Good luck with capturing that last squirrel. They look so cute in the woodland, not in the house!

  7. Hope the carpenter can figure it out for you! Squirrels can be very destructive!

  8. Sure hope the carpenter can put an end to those furry invaders, Susan, to reduce the mess they are making and more importantly to calm your mom';s nerves and your own. Hope the eye doctor visit went well.

  9. Oh my goodness, I wouldn't like the thought of a squirrel running around my room, I hope the carpenter can find the entry point and do something about it for you. I love to see your robins, quite different from the European robins we have here.

  10. Was stopping by to make sure I had not missed anything...I have signed up to be notified of posts but sometimes it is a couple days late. Hope things are going okay.

  11. I always enjoy seeing your photographs, especially the birds. Your robins are a little different to the European ones.
    I hope the eye doctor visit went well.
    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. So many terrific photos of beautiful birds. That blue speckled one is really something!


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