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Hello lovely readers! As usual my blog is a bit of a mish mash but here goes anyway. I am still fighting bronchitis. It keeps me humble that’s for sure. Himself, aka Roger, is  a bit poorly. He just has a cold I think and a bad cough. He goes out and about even though I try to get him to stay at home and work on his puzzles. We spend our time in our pjs trying to get with the program of wrapping, etc but mainly we just listen to each other coughing. I spend my days either in bed or in my easy chair reading or sleeping. As Sod’s law would have it, my easy chair, electric, died yesterday. We had a wild storm, the power went out and my chair gave up the ghost. LUCYBELLE and I will miss it. When I am able I will have to shop for a replacement. Life goes on, and all things considered, I am grateful for all our blessings. My daughter calls almost daily, bless her, and sends us homeopathic meds in the mail. As for me I have found that red wine helps. This, too, shall pass.

What shall we have for supper? Well, Himself signed us up for a Christmas meal put on by the Lions Club for a donation. It was delivered yesterday and it was lovely. The best meal we have had in weeks. We have been living on Lean Cousine. I’m so thankful for organizations that give their time and resources to show love and good will to those of us who are going through a rough patch or who are aged and shut in. God bless them richly! (I have no idea why the font has changed all of a sudden, was it something I did?)

I have finally finished putting the balls on the tree. This is as good as it’s going to get this year. Presents are stacked up on the dining room table as they are delivered and Himself wraps them as the mood strikes him. He is a no frills kind of a wrapper. Paper and tape and he writes the name of the recipient somewhere on the wrapping paper. Does it matter? I think not. It reflects our mood. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. The grandsons give me a list of what they want, really want, and Grammy goes cyber shopping. I order what I want Roger to give me and he wraps it. I learned early on in our marriage that if I didn’t want deodorant, toothpaste, pillow covers or strange shoes that were on sale but not in my size, I  would have to shop but he was allowed to wrap. Even his wrapping gets creative. One year I received all my presents wrapped in grocery store bags and duck tape. He’s a real character, this hubby of mine. I decided his name doesn’t really define his personality so I started calling him “Himself”. He does life his way…but in a lovable sort of way…most of the time.🥴

So, I guess I will go downstairs, take my meds, and start this day. It’s almost noon but I didn’t get much sleep last night, I guess I napped to much yesterday. I hope you are doing well and I will chat with you again soon. 💕

Lucy wishes you 
Peace and Joy!



  1. Hope you feel better soon! We ordered gifts on the same day, they have been delivered and I will wrap them today...we both ordered something we wanted:) Nice that your himself is a wrapper!

  2. Hello! What a lovely background you have! I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you are doing just what you should be doing. Resting and relaxing. My husband is the wrapper in our house too! Have a cozy evening.

  3. Susan, I really liked the new background with the gently falling snow, none of which we have seen here in NH aside from a brief dusting a couple of weeks ago. I also hope that you and Himself are feeling better soon, but it seems like despite feeling poorly things are getting done, slow but sure. And there really is no rush, also nothing wrong with selecting your own gift and to be sure of getting what you really want! And wine is comforting.

  4. Love that everyone knows their place regarding the sofa!!
    Where did you find this amazing background of falling snow?

  5. I too like your background with the snow gently falling ...

    Feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  6. So glad I stopped by. I've been missing you. Your blog is beautiful, beautiful! and I love this post. Himself on the floor and the doggies on the couch is so funny! and his gift wrapping. I've always ordered my gifts and then let my husband wrap them. Now days we don't buy each other gifts. :( Blogger changing the font and print size while doing a post drives me crazy! Hope you feel better. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

  7. I hope you feel better soon. We have a local Lions club here too, they do such brilliant work and help out so many people, I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. Your tree is beautiful. I don't know what else you could do to it to make it any better, just gorgeous.

  8. your blog layout and background is so pretty, i really like it!! and your christmas tree and home are gorgeous!!

    i LOVE the picture of the dogs on the couch, that is too funny!!

    i hope you feel better soon!!

  9. I hope you both feel better soon. Your husband sounds a real character, I buy and wrap m=y own gifts too and write a tag with love to me from him :)
    Your tree is beautiful.

  10. I forgot to comment on you still feeling under the weather...I wish I had a magic potion to tell you about but I do not. It is rough to feel like this during this season. Maybe by now you are past it.

    I am afraid I have become like Roger. Paper and tape, and who it is too written on the bottom. That really started when the kitties were young. I first stopped putting ribbons on, then in the end waited till the last few days to put wrapped gifts out. They did not bother a single one this 14 yrs old they are finally slowing down.

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