Hello lovely friends everywhere! I love this illustration! It’s such a cozy scene if a bit confusing to look at with the green in the background and snow in the fore ground. We do not have snow. Maybe by Christmas. Here in Eastern PA we usually get our first snow later in the season, in January. 


Our youngest grandchild is 14 today. This is a picture from 7 years ago. How fast they grow! He is a sweetheart still, though. Still shy, still loves putting things together. Since I am recovering from bronchitis we will not be celebrating his birthday together. After missing the last 5 years of his birthday I was looking forward to this year. He had requested dining at a Japanese restaurant. Roger sent his card and video game priority mail since in their area of the Pocono Mountains mail delivery is truly snail delivery! Hopefully a family Christmas will be possible. 

I am slowly getting the tree decorated and Roger has put up wreaths and brought up more decorations from the basement. Boxes are piling up from Amazon deliveries. Wrapping them at the moment will have to wait. I don’t have much energy but each day I feel better. Thank goodness for online shopping! What did we do without it? Our local supermarket hasn’t had our cat, Zeppe’s, favorite cat food lately so I ordered a case of it from CHEWY.COM. Two day delivery and free shipping. Roger buys a lot locally but as I get older I rely on being able to shop via computer for a lot of things. Having said that…when I am well…Walmart and Home Depot gets a lot of our money. I do believe in supporting local businesses. We really don’t have the little shops that specialize near us.  

I haven’t been outside lately but that hasn’t stopped me from photographing what’s going on outside!


Check this out…

I am currently reading and listening, for free, on KINDLE UNLIMITED and AUDIBLE (AMAZON) “the keeper of happy endings” by Barbara Davis.  AND…AGATHA CHRISTIE’S “The Sittaford Mystery. For a cozy read you really can’t beat good ole Agatha. You know, for $10 a month subscription, 100’s of books and audible are available for your reading and listening pleasure. A bargain if you’re interested in keeping costs of books down when you read several a week like I do. I suffer from insomnia so I am very thankful for my tablet and iPad and Kindle Unlimited.

Little LUCYBELLE was groomed this week and now she is feeling like a plush toy. Roger gifted her with a new toy to throw in the air and pounce on. She still has a bit of the puppy in her. Here she’s giving me her foxy look. 

AN ASIDE…I am enjoying a new CHAI TEA this week called APPLE PIE. YUM! Are there any Chai drinkers out there? 

AND, LASTLY…WHAT ARE YOU DOING in your spare time…as in hobbies, projects, etc.? I am crocheting shawls. It seems that in the knitting and crochet community there is a phenomena called “SHAWLOGRAPHY”. I watch a lot of podcasts on YOUTUBE. I can listen and watch while crocheting and when you are feeling miserable that’s about all you are good for. It beats laying around feeling sorry for yourself.  I have a stack of them piling up. Some are worn around the neck with a winter coat and some are larger, worn around the shoulders keeping the chill off if you live in an old drafty house like I do. I am going to give them away as gifts. I bought a bunch of luscious organic skeins from the coastal yarn shop while on my trip to Winter Harbor in Maine, while I was there in July, called SHIRLEYS YARNS AND CRAFTS. I didn’t have a project in mind when I bought them so naturally I only bought one skein of each color, 12 colors. I have had to reorder. They kindly paid the shipping coast of $12.50. Lovely. I will include pictures next time. 

Take good care of yourselves, 



  1. Our grandchildren grow up so quickly. Happy birthday to your youngest. I hope you will be able to see him soon.

    You always get great photos outside your door, whether in Maine or PA.

    Take care!

  2. Happy birthday to your grandson. Lucybele is looking gorgeous and very foxy. Your outdoor photos are lovely and I do hope you get better soon.

  3. Grand kids grow up so fast! I am
    Crocheting...Mosaic Crochet and enjoying it! I love doing shawls too I have one in the works along with many other projects.

  4. Yes, our grandchildren grow up so quickly, and they bring such joy.

    Lovely photographs you have shared here.

    I do hope you feel better soon, take care.

    All the best Jan

  5. Your red tree is the best in blog-land. I've never seen a brindle deer before. What and adventure in your yard! Linda in Kansas

  6. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post, and hope to read more. thank you so much for sharing this informative blog.
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  7. Even sick, you get some great photos. I know you must have sick at heart not to celebrate with your grandson. I hope you get a good visit over the holidays.


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