Hello!  Lucy says WELCOME!

I hope that you are enjoying the beauty that surrounds those of us that are enjoying cooler weather and the changing colors of FALL. I think that across the pond it is called Autumn, I call it both.  My family’s surname is Eaton and our roots began in England. A few traditions were passed down and remain today.  One being our love of brewed tea. In fact, I am enjoying a cup right now. Roger is watching football. It’s 6 PM and dusk is upon us already. I love these early days. I have my pjs on, and my iPods in, 2 dogs sharing my easy chair with me.  I have waited all Summer for these cozy evenings. I think I mentioned in my last post that I have figured out finally that I suffer from SAD-seasonal affective disorder or, in my case, summer season depression. I function much better in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

That’s not to say my life is all hunky dory, I’m just not feeling depressed and oppressed. This past Thursday I  leaned over to take my sock off and I couldn’t get back up. I managed but not without a lot of pain spasms in my lower back. I have been on pain meds and very light duty movement since. I am somewhat better but…my blue skies have a few clouds if you know what I mean.  It doesn’t help that Lucy, my dog, aged 10 yrs,  weighs 23 pounds, has arthritis in her hips and can no longer do stairs. I was carrying her up and down until this happened and now Roger has to do it. I hate waking him up at 2 in the morning to take her out or at 7 every morning when she has to go out again before she and Buddy and the cats have breakfast as well as all the other normal times she goes upstairs to be with me. 

I have been knitting a pair of socks while recuperating, the same pair that I was working on several weeks ago.  I will be glad when I can move on to making Buddy a doggy sweater.  It won’t be long before he will need one.  While I knit I have been listening to Tana French, IN THE WOOD. I haven’t been reading much since learning to knit. In fact, watching knitting videos and tutorials has pretty much taken over my life. If Roger is around in the evenings we watch old episodes of MURDER IN PARADISE and DOC MARTIN.  What are you watching, reading, doing? The family from the POCONOS are coming on the weekend to help us winterize the outside. It’s been awhile since I have seen the boys and their dad, they were in Florida when I was last up there. 

Do You Take Notes?

Are you a note taker? I am. This past week I jotted down a few sayings I hadn’t heard before. Have you heard any of these?  
  • “You always keep your fist in you pocket” (meaning you keep things to yourself)
  • “Dream sweet dreams of sour cabbage and stinky feet” (?)
  • “Push the boat out” (meaning go the extra mile)
  • “A total car crash”  (referred to what’s happening in the world today)
I thought I would close this post with a picture I took of Pumpkin Island Lighthouse last year from the Island...Little Deer Isle, Maine

And there you have it,
Take good care,


  1. I love the photos. I hope you feel better soon.

    Last October I fell off my bike and it is only now I feel fully recovered. It took my hip a long time to recover…slow and steady did it.

  2. I am so sorry you have the blues during summer, I am a summer type person, lots of hot weather for me, we get cold weather here 30 below is not uncommon in winter.
    Mikey and Krissy say hello to the lovely Lucy.
    So sorry about your hip, I hope you are feeling better soon.


  3. I love the Autumnal colours that October brings, I enjoyed your photographs.
    I hope you feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  4. I am totally like you! I love these cozy, early evenings! I get my jammies on, grab a throw blanket and get comfy on the couch. We are watching The British Baking Show, and love it! I am also reading quite a bit. I hope you feel better soon. My husband has been having back issues, and I know how painful it can be. Have a cozy evening!

  5. Susan, I agree with you that this time of the year (and winter as well) are the best! There is nothing better then getting cozy with a cup of tea and a book or a good movie. Summer is my least favorite time of year and while I do not feel down, I am happier when it's gone and this year it lasted longer and was hotter in New England (sigh). Yes, I also take notes and have not heard any of the sayings you posted, all new to me, perhaps some are regional? We are watching back episodes of Midsomer Murders and the new and final season of Doc Martin. ENjoy the upcoming family visits.

  6. Dear Susan, all the photographs drew me in, but the last one--of the island--just enchanted me. I'm reading a novel by a fellow blogger that takes place in Maine and all-things-Maine now leap out at me. Her book is the second in a series: The first one was such a delight to read. It's title--should you be interested-is "Time After Time." The second book, which I'm now reading and enjoying, is "Carrick Cove." Both are by D'Arcy Regan Hart. Those of us who follow her online know her as Rian. Her blog is older but.blogspot.com

    Now as to your posting, I do so understand about the arthritis in the dog with whom you live. I live with three cats (Ellie, Maggie, Matthew) and they range in age from 14 to 16. The two youngest have arthritis now and are now unable to jump up on the vanity in the bathroom (to drink out of the faucet!). I lift them much more than I used to, but the insist on growing old with me! We are just aging together. So sorry you've had that pain.And hope it's becoming less and less present. Peace from Dee Ready (cominghometomyself.blogspot.com)

  7. You need a day bed downstairs for you and Lucy! Hope you back is better soon! Enjoy the Fall weather!

  8. I hope you feel better soon. Hello to Lucy, she's very sweet but hard for you and Roger to be carrying up and down the stairs. Your photo of the lighthouse looks magical.Take care.

  9. I hope your back is soon working better, Susan. Maybe you're feeling better already? What a lovely picture of Pumpkin Island Lighthouse. What a fun name for an island. :)

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