Hello there, lovely people. It is Thursday, 12:25 pm and the sun is finally shining!😊 we are in the throes of Autumn and as I walk around our property and sit on the old bench I can smell the wonderful smell of Fall here in Eastern Pennsylvania. It's a mild day and a good day to be outside...the dogs are loving it.

I feel kind today and I hope no one or no thing will burst my bubble. It might have something to do with the fact that I came across Maya Angela's quote...

"My wish for you is that you continue to be who you are-continue to astonish the world with your acts of kindness. "

 Man, that's powerful. I am interpreting that to mean my personal world. Roger and I have been bickering lately so he is going to be twisted sideways when I suddenly shower him with kindness when he arrives home from the dentist. πŸ€— Hopefully it will shock him out of his grumpiness.πŸ™ƒ

So, what have I been doing? Not much productive. I've had a  hitch in my back for the past almost three weeks so that has been an excuse to knit, read,  and watch Britbox. ...

So...I am reading THE GIRL FROM THE CHANNEL ISLANDS by Jenny Lecoat who was born in the Channel Islands. It's about a Jewish woman trapped on the Island of Jersey when the Germans invaded it in 1940. "Quiet acts of heroism and love ..." It's a book that you can imagine it all being true. Highly recommend.

I frogged my socks that were pretty much done. The breaker was when I realized my two socks had cost me $60. I had knit them in two different colors because I didn't have enough of one color for the pair. I told myself it didn't matter because they were just my television socks to keep my feet warm. The legs were so long they were leg warmers.  Hand dyed yarn is very expensive so I paid with postage $34 per skein.  As I Kitchener stitched the toes I finally faced reality... I could not afford to be using two skeins of my precious yarn to knit a pair of socks no one would see. (Am I vain or what??) first pair of knitted socks should match! What the heck was I thinking when I put in all those hours?? 

As for what I am watching, it is a very RELAXING YouTube channel called LIFE IS TOO SHORT. A retired couple take you with them as they go travelling around their part of the world across the pond. Ken and Carol. I just finished the episodes of their trip to the Isle of Man. 

I a!so found another similar channel called THE OTHER WINDSORS. TINA and Brian and their dog Blue. Lovely and relaxing. Highly recommend both if you are 'of a certain age'. I am 72 so I am definitely in that category.😏

My photos today are all over the place some are recent but others are not. A mish-mash.

Most were taken on the Island. (Maine)

And there you have it!

Take good care of yourselves.




  1. Aww sorry about the socks, it takes lots of time to knit socks at least it does for me:)

  2. So sorry about the socks, it must be frustrating.
    Love all your photos but the quilt square is my favorite along with those adorable dogs.


  3. Oh dear about your socks. Men eh, be kind to him as going to the dentist is ordeal enough. Lovely photos especially of your very sweet little dogs :)

  4. Oh dear, sorry about your socks ...

    I did enjoy seeing your photographs :)

    All the best Jan

  5. Dear Susan, thanks for those Maine photographs. If all goes well--I'm 86 now--my niece and I hope to vacation in Maine next fall. I mention my age because she seems fine with the fact that I now walk slowly and sometimes with a cane. We both want to see Arcadia National and also find a place to stay close to the shoreline of the Atlantic. I lived in New Hampshire for a year, but never got up to Maine. It's on my bucket list! Peace and please don't regret the socks because they're going to give you such pleasure when you sit and watch tv and glance down and wiggle your toes! Dee Ready (

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