Well, hello there! It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote! It didn’t seem like I had much to talk about, not that that’s ever stopped me from going on about nothing before. I think I may have mentioned before that summer is my least favorite season. Our Summers are buggy and muggy. I do love the beauty that surrounds me but hate maintaining it. If I had my way I would live in a condo or something similar so that our weeding, mowing strimming and everything else needed would be taken care of by someone else. Most land owners in our development have gardeners but that has been outside our control due to living on pensions now. Roger just loves to putter outside but, for the life of me, I can never see the results of his puttering…what DOES he do out there for hours on end? The heat and humidity doesn’t really bother him. He still wears a tee shirt under his long sleeve shirt.

 Me, I love the new central air system we had put in last summer…until a tornado tore through our sleepy neighborhood on Monday. Yes, you read that right! Monday literally crashed down around us in the evening about 8 PM. This is Wednesday morning and our power has just been restored. My whole routine was put on hold while we assessed the damage and dug ourselves out. And I learned just how dependent I am on my tablets, little fan by my favorite electric chair, YouTube, Kindle, air fryer, everything electric suddenly not working. I was actually stretched out in my easy chair with feet reclining, accompanied by two dogs, a cat, and my knitting, watching INSPECTOR LEWIS on Britbox when the storm hit. I remember thinking as the wind picked up outside and thunder boomed and lightning flashed and torrential rain was pouring out of the sky that I was glad I had had the dogs out to do their business and that the cat had come in. I had no sooner thought this when a sucking windstorm whipped up out of nowhere and huge limbs from our huge Japanese maple crashed down onto the patio just behind me. At that moment the lights also went out. It was bizarre, the dogs and cat went crazy with fright while I was stuck up in the air in my chair wondering what just happened. I called Roger to see where he was. He was actually in our neighborhood driving towards home when the storm struck. He saw trees uprooted and limbs flying, as well as outdoor furniture being thrown about like toys. It would take him hours to get to our driveway…he and neighbors worked hard in the dark to get the roads cleared enough to get through. One neighbor’s bmw was squashed when a huge tree landed on it. Yesterday the sound of chainsaws could be heard all day and into the night.No lives taken as far as we know. Just a lot of damage to buildings, etc. And, power was restored around 4 this morning. 

I learned from all the inconveniences of such a storm that I was dreadfully unprepared. We live in the mountains and I didn’t think tornadoes would ever be a threat to us. The second thing is that we need to have a whole house generator installed at our house. We have the battery packs but they weren’t charged so useless to us when we needed them. 

Monday was also the day the house in Maine became someone else’s. I reviewed the documents and signed them before a notary then overnighted them to the lawyer. Today the new owners get the keys and I will never again live there. Never again see, out the kitchen window, the animals coming to eat corn or birds at the feeders or the beautiful view of the ocean a stone’s throw away. It’s bitter sweet because there are also the weight of the upkeep living 12 hours away but the real reason was AGING. I am 73 and Roger is 77. He has no interest in the property, nor do my children and grandchildren. Life marches on I shall have to enjoy ocean views closer to home. 

So, dear bloggy friends I shall love you and leave you with that update. I will pop in again soon.🥰 Have a great day.💕


  1. Oh I bet the sale of your Maine property was a bittersweet thing for you, you have lots of good memories there. Glad your power is back on, it is an experience being without power, we rely on it so heavily. I have book lights and extra batteries:)

  2. I am so glad you came through that tornado so well. It must have been a scary experience. I will never forget post tropical storm Fiona over the hours she harassed us. I cannot even imagine the power of a tornado.

    I am glad you were able to see the Maine house but it must be sad too. Your family is starting another chapter now. Take care!

  3. Oh wow on the tornado...and how sad about the property in Maine...I so would like to visit Maine, its on my bucket list. grin.

  4. I realy am so sorry to hear about the storm and tornado, I have never heard of tornados in the mountains, very scary.
    I hope all gets cleaned up soon.
    Stay safe.
    Yes, generators are a very vital part to a home anywhere there can be bad weather, winter summer anytime.
    I hope you did not get hurt.
    Hope to see a post from you soon.


  5. we lived through superstorm sandy, 9 days without electric...we did have a portable generator to run some items. a tornado must be so frightening...

    i'm sure it is bittersweet to get rid of your mom's home, hopefully you will focus on your lighter load and the happy memories you have from there!!


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