I HOPE THAT YOUR SUMMER WAS EVERYTHING YOU WERE ANTICIPATING! It was hot but SUMMERS are, aren't they? IN Pennsylvania where I live it was hot AND  humid. But these days MAINE is my second home since Dad went to heaven and I try to attend to the needs of Mom. Living on an ISLAND can be boring but it sure is BEAUTIFUL in the summer. Since I grew up here I tend to take it for granted but occasionally, when stepping outside, the SALTY OCEAN BREEZE hits me and I realize what a tonic it is for a weary soul.  If  only I could  bottle a "potion" of  that to take back to Bethlehem! The last three weeks have been very busy with doctor appointments, cleaning, repairs to the house and entertaining company. I am still fighting the "mystery" illness that has settled in my lungs. It's difficult to carry on a conversation these days without having a coughing fit. Oh, well, hopefully, this too shall pass.  Mom's eyes have become the big issue. T

The Third Heaven

Hi there all and happy Sunday! Having said that, it wasn't and isn't happy times for many people who are suffering from the devastation caused from hurricane Dorian. Mom and I watch the Weather Channel and evening news feeling heart sick for all the loss and suffering of the people of Jamaica and other places to a lesser degree but loss is loss. We prayed for them every night after our devotions. Speaking of devotions... Yes, I read to Mom for an hour every night from my study bible. I love that bible! Turquoise soft leather. It's NIV. Mom has had vision problems (Macular Degeneration) for many many years. Even before that she was not a  reader. I inherited my love of reading from my Dad. He always had a book at hand. After Dad died, 2 years ago now,  Mom was bereft. She hasn't been to church since we were young kids, before they built the restaurant they ran for almost 50 years. She had many questions about death and heaven. She cried constantly and I was heartbroken


I don't get near enough time to indulge in one of my favorite past times, photography. I'm blaming it on available time but, really it is mostly due to gumption. After a life time of go, go, go who would have thought my get up and go would be get up and gone!? or so it seems a lot of the time. When I do make the effort it relaxes me, soothes my soul and brings me a lot of happiness. It also teaches me patience! Yesterday I made the long trek from Pennsylvania to Maine. As I crossed the bridge onto the Island in the evening hours and waning light I  said a little prayer thanking God for traveling mercies that day. Surprisingly it was an easy driving day. Especially since I suffer from insomnia and slept only a few hours before I arose befuddled wondering how I was going to drive for 12 hours. As it was, I forgot a major piece of my luggage!  I didn't make my usual stop at my brother's in southern Maine. My sister-in-law was in the hospital undergoing y