November Ocean It seems like yesterday we were complaining about sweltering temps, doesn't it? Well, today in Bethlehem, PA we have frozen puddles and our outside gauge is registering 28 degrees F at 10:30 AM. The little dogs, Lucy and Dolly, are wondering 😔 why we haven't gone on our walk yet. My knees and back are telling me to wait a little longer; maybe it will warm up a little. I do have to get my act together because I am meeting a girlfriend at Bethlehem Diner at 1:00 for lunch :-).  My time here at home is coming to an end and, as usual,  I am thinking about things that I need to get done here and also preparing myself mentally for the next segment of my life journey as a care giver to my Mother. She, by the way, is doing fine on the Island but it is bitter cold with snow on the ground already. It's a!so deer hunting season so the gunshots in the surrounding woods make her very nervous. We are hoping that by some miracle our long-legged friends t


Hi there! So happy you could stop by! There's been a lot going on here at Mom's. I had expected to be back in Bethlehem by now but, alas, it was not to be. Her retina specialist needed to see her again for another injection so I extended my time on the Island. And it's a good thing I did because of several other unexpected happenings... A really  tragic accident  caused the Island to lose power... and the generator didn't kick in. Oh, woe is me, no game shows for Mom! So I had to call our electrician to come to service it twice before it was working properly, a new battery was needed in the end. Then the heating and plumbing guys came to clean the furnace which was great BUT we didn't realize until it got really cold that even though the furnace was running it wasn't blowing out any warm air! (our nights are getting COLD) in half of the house. I was the one that picked up on it, brrrr. I awoke freezing, put on my flannel pjs and added a couple more bla


It's time to be thinking about cold weather. Yesterday as I drove here and there trying to find the essence of Fall, the sky was ominous. Pumpkin Island lighthouse had a dark cloud hanging over it and it portrayed what was in my heart. Too soon our pretties will be no more and dismal's frowning face will be at our door. Right now we are feeling a  refreshing coolness in the air and, being the odd person I am, I still dress like it's Summer. But soon even I will no longer  don short sleeves and my sandals. The nights here on the Island are chilly, just the way I like it but Mom has the old oil furnace cranked up to an uncomfortable temperature so I am still sleeping with the window open. She's always "freezing" and I am complaining about how warm the house is by saying every half hour, "phew, it's hot in here".  About a week ago while in Stonington, that fishing village at the tip of the Island, I drove down Indian Point Road to see