First of all, let me wish a heartfelt "Happy New Year!" to each and every one of you! I pray that your troubles will be lighter and  your bodies healthier and your wallets a little heavier in 2020. 😊  God has been good to me and mine.💗  I am enthused about 2020 if for no other reason than it has a nice ring to it! Well, this past week between Christmas and New year's has been quiet here on the Island. Mom is up most of the night so she sleeps until one o'clock, that's PM,  and then spends her time  working on her new word search books, watching TV and paying attention to her  cat.   I have been reading almost  a book a day on my Kindle and crocheting until my fingers cramp and spasm.  I have also been rewatching Miss Marple episodes on dvds. Mom's  day to day excitement is seeing what is going on with the wildlife or the neighbors but the latter is disappointing. Nothing seems to be happening with them either. The neighbor to our  right h


I had every intention of posting before now! I am still on the Island and won't be leaving for my home in Bethlehem, PA until the end of January.. maybe. We've had lots of wind, a little snow and frigid temperatures. I chose the coldest day, 14 degrees F, to do a pharmacy run. My car was in the garage and the door would NOT go up. I wondered if it was frozen so I stupidly tried the other door to see if they were, and, it went up BUT wouldn't go down. So, I had the door I needed stuck down and the door I didn't need stuck up! The wind was howling through our huge 3 bay garage, I was freezing and I didn't know what to do. That's the problem living on an Island, no services such as garage door repairs within 65 miles. I went into the house to warm up and put my thinking cap (more like dunce cap, lol) on. I eventually called my cousin, Tony, who has a plumbing business. He was off island but came to help eventually. He had no trouble putting the stuck up door down


I zoomed in to get this photo. Hello there! It's a bright, sunny day here on the coast of Maine. There's not a lot going on in my everyday mundane sort of life but I do get excited about the beauty around me.  Today we are expecting snow later on in the evening and all day tomorrow. We'll see. It's cold, 25 degrees F. I will be moving my car into the garage and then get to work on some crocheting for Christmas gifts. I just had a new book of Mandala patterns arrive in the mail and I have a bag of cotton yarn I bought a while ago for something else but that has never stopped me from going rogue.😏 These photos were taken the day after Thanksgiving when I decided I needed some fresh air. And fresh it was: very windy and extremely cold. When I went down to our shore even the seaweed was frozen. I hope you enjoy my photos. I took them in our little cove with the exception of the lighthouse and causeway which are about a mile away. We may live on an island but we are a