Mary's view from her house. Isn't it lovely with the sunlight shimmering off the water?
My good friend, Mary, lives just up over the hill. I can almost see her house from our driveway. Yesterday we had scheduled to go down the Island to have lunch at a favorite Island year round eating spot, Harbor Cafe, in Stonington. Actually, we were hoping to try the drive-in at the bridge but it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Stonington harbor, view from the cafe

Harbor cafe. We found a spot in front to park.

Summer rentals

Gift shops, rentals and restaurants dot the area as well as houses of year round residents.

Stonington Harbor is starting to get busy.
After a very delicious lunch of a lobster and crab roll with a lobster roll to go home with me for Mom and a chat about everything and anything, I took some pictures of the view there and we headed back up the Island.

Taken from the top of my hill at Gene's house.

I dropped Mary off at her house and stopped at our neighbor, Gene's, to take some pictures of his lilacs. By this time it was late afternoon and the clouds were coming in for today's rain. The blackflies were out in hoards so we finally had to break off a very nice chat.

The fragrance was heavenly!

It was a lovely day all 'round!
Through the kitchen window last night.

I call her Miss Dazzle because when the lighting is right her colors are dazzling. She always comes on her own.
Mom really enjoyed her lobster roll!


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