July Fourth Week Is The Beginning Of Tourist Season

Hi there! Today (July 2) I headed down the Island to shop for groceries at Burnt Cove Market in Stonington. Man, was it busy! Restaurants and gift shops are tucked in amongst cottages, rentals and businesses, up and down hills, side streets, half hidden streets, people from all over are walking and enjoying this little town by the sea.  (One of these days I hope to walk the waterfront and photograph all the lovely and quirky little gift shops and restaurants!)  Main street can be hazardous to navigate with cars parked on both sides and only room for one car to get through in places! It requires patience and courtesy to pull over in an open spot to allow traffic to get through.
An adventure for some but a pain in the neck for others. 

I thought I would check on a pond where there might be some lily blossoms but no such luck. However, I took a few photos of the beaver lodge and the pretty play of colors on the pond was interesting, depending on which side of the pond I was standing. It was a funny day weather wise; sun then clouds. Not a great photo taking day but, hey ho, I was there so what the heck-o. One of the few places in Stonington today that was quiet and peaceful was this spot on Indian Point road.

Beaver Lodge in the distance.

Another view of the pond.

Beaver Lodge up close.

Stonington, in it's heyday, was famous for it's granite, as in Washington, D.C. monuments famous. Now it's claim to fame is it's lobsters...The lobster capital of Maine.  There are a LOT of lobster boats in Stonington!! These are just a few.

On the Island across the way you can see the quarry.

Notice the blue house on the little island.

Another little island.

One of the houses overlooking the boats in an area of Stonington that the locals call Clam City aka Indian Point Rd.  It's just a road that winds along the waterfront to the pond. I would 💘 to own this house for no other reason than it's location with it's view of the comings and goings of the fishermen, other watercraft and the many islands that dot the area. I especially like the blue door!

Boats boats everywhere! I should have counted them.

Summer rentals...there are MANY on the Island.

Rugosa Roses and Lupines are commonplace.

Lupines are everywhere right now!

Mini Lobster buoys on side of a gift shop. $10 each.

One of the many old picturesque houses in Stonington. I love the color! Notice the Lupines on the right. Unfortunately, the sky had darkened just as I took this and we had a mini shower.
More rentals.

Pretty Lupines...purple very common...pink and white not so much.

I leave to go back home to Bethlehem on Friday I hope.  Mom's cat, Bebe, had a seizure tonight so I will have to call the vet tomorrow and see what's up with her. I had her in to see the vet a week ago. She is in stage 2 of kidney disease. (There are 4 stages.) Mom is very attached to her, I think in cat years they must be about the same age-92. 

Have a great week!


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