Sad to say, I am looking forward to September! The heat and humidity in Pennsylvania is unbearable day after day. I am a Spring and Fall person  I guess. Being a Mainer at heart I enjoy the ocean in Summer, well, truth be told, I love the ocean no matter what season it is! Oh, so beautiful and POWERFUL! I took this picture at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor a couple of Summers ago when Judi and Josh visited me on the Island. Bar Harbor is less then 50 miles from there. I love the raw power of Mother Nature when it is manifested in a good stiff breeze and the tide coming in!

Or, how about this one of "Thunder Hole"? 
I guess I should include a photo of Josh and Judi too...πŸ’–  Judi is a beach walker and an ocean gazer while Josh is an explorer and loves to climb.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I am still fighting the bronchitis I came home with and am on my second round of antibiotics. I will tell it to you straight: I feel lousy all the time! I have not accomplished anything significant since arriving a month ago. My little Lucybelle has been feeling the same way. She had surgery to remove a large benign tumor on her rib cage a week ago. I decided I would fore go the collar and just keep an eye on her. She's a good little pup and has realized that any type of contact with her stitches is a no no πŸ‘Ž. That's not to say that it's been an easy week. Trying to keep her calm when they were plainly driving her nuts has been a challenge and we both have been suffering from lack of sleep. However, she wagged  her tail yesterday so we are on the home stretch. We have one more week to go until she has the dratted things out. 

And then there's Dolly Sue...She went in for dental cleaning a couple days ago and came home with 7 less teeth!! She's a tough nut for her age. We are feeding her soft foods and trying our best to trick her into taking the three medications she has to take twice a day. Did I mention she is also smart? 

An Aside...

I saw this photo  from a lovely blog called Mountaintop Spice.  (Personally I think I identify with the third one from the top, the one that looks done in with one leg straight out.) It is apt I think for those who like to sun bathe, but maybe on the beach instead!  Not me, I enjoy shade, or better yet, air conditioning. I would love to have some hens! Mainly as pets I think. I think they would be a lot of work though and I have my hands full these days spending my time between Pennsylvania and Maine.


I'm not much of a gardener these day and I am saddened to see that weeds are flourishing everywhere I look.  What we do have is a lot of Butterfly bushes!

Roger and I  really need to hire a landscape artist/gardener. I jest because there is no way we could fit one more expense into our budget these days!  Our property will have to stay on the wildside. 

LUCY is feeling better today!


MY recreation is limited to reading and watching dvds. My collection is ever growing! I am on my second bunch from Amazon. I am having a hard time finding new murder mysteries/series be they American or British so I have started a collection of the  Swedish and Italian series. However they only have English subtitles but I am getting used to reading fast. So far I have watched The Sandham Murders, 1&2, The Bridge, 1&2 and now I have started on Detective Montalbano.  Watching and snacking! No self control. The ice cream feels so good going down my throat! I am, after all, sick!


Look what I saw on our driveway?

At the back of he property.



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