Hello Everyone! 

I am bored today so have been playing around with blogger. I often do that just before I publish a new post. I bought a new software editing program but am having a heck of a time getting it to do what I want it to. My mind is not as sharp as it used to be. I usually figure it out eventually but then I can't remember how I did it for the next time around. I feel like I have very limited intelligence these days. I had a birthday this week so I am still feeling the sting of being another year older.😏

But, you know what? If at first you don't succeed... You eat chocolate! No! You download another app. This time a free one called "funcky". It is so simple to use! 

It has been so cold, snowy and windy since Christmas. Tuesday I finally cleaned my car off and moved it from the snow and ice it was stuck in. We have a three car garage but none of the doors work. The closest repair service is 60 miles away and the estimated cost is $700! Eventually I will have to have it done but not now. I have to be in the right mood to part with that kind of money. 

Today is a beautiful sunny day! The temps in the high 30's F. I am so happy to see the sun and hear the water dripping off the house from snow and ice melting. I may venture out to do a couple of errands.  Gosh, I'm tired of sitting around. But, I have read several books, all by the same author, Jeanne M. Dams, on my Kindle since New Year's Day. Very easy reads because I am trying to just coast through life at the moment. The books are the first three of her Dorothy Martin Series. I read her complete? series years ago, saw them in my Kindle library and felt a reread was just what I needed. I am also listening to a book on Audible, Somebody I Used To Know by Wendy Mitchell. Wendy is reading her own book about her dementia journey. I like it very much.
I am heartbroken with what is going on in my country between the virus and politics and all the rest. So much suffering and anxiety. Not good for the nervous system. It doesn't help that Mom only watches 3 channels: news, game show, and weather. It's a shame we are paying for over a hundred and she claims those three are the only ones worth watching. No wonder I am addicted to YouTube since I have watched every Crime series out there on Amazon Prime.

You might wonder if I watch tutorials on YT. No, I prefer something a little more mesmerizing, ie. Skating at Strawbery Banks (live) in Portland (ME) and icebergs breaking up in Alaska or what's going on in the arctic, in Finland, skiing at Jackson Hole, Cole the Cornstar king, and, if I'm having trouble getting to sleep, I watch Bealtaine Cottage vlog in Ireland and Collette's voice is so soothing as she walks through her woods, it puts me right to sleep.  (I have no idea why the size of the font has changed!)

Right. I mustn't (🤔) forget to show what has been happening out my window. I took some of these before our last snowfall.

It's just about dark with another lovely sunset from our big front windows. The apple trees and summer cottage are obstructing a clear view but still pretty nonetheless. 💕

Take good care,


  1. Hello!
    What beautiful photos of nature you shared in this post! Happy Birthday too! Have a cozy evening, and I am adding you to my daily reading list. : )

    1. Thank you so much! 💖 I am so happy you stopped by and thanks for commenting!

  2. The activities outside your window are better than many tv shows, in my opinion . Hope you get that new program figured out. I do enjoy learning new software, but also get frustrated at first, till I finally catch on.

  3. Happy Birthday! Lovely images you shared. There really isn't much on TV...We watch a lot of PBS....I like to see the local news at some point in the day...and we watch the game shows. Not sure how I will feel about Jeopardy once the last of Alex airs tomorrow. I cannot imagine anyone filling his shoes.

    I hope you eventually get the garage doors to working...

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to you. Such wonderful photos from your window. We subscribe to many TV channels but there's rarely anything interesting to watch and there are so many repeats of what we've already seen. Thank goodness for the internet.

  5. There hasn't been much worth watching on TV over Christmas but if I had the wildlife in my garden that you get in yours I doubt the TV would be turned on anyway. Such lovely photos.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday, Susan. I have to say I love that cartoon. I feel exactly like that. I think we should all get do-over birthdays this year (or just deduct last year from our ages). Your animal pictures are just terrific. That would make me so happy - to have that kind of wildlife so close and to be able to get such good pictures! I've been watching the Waltons (on DVDs borrowed from the library) for the last couple of months. I'm on Season 8 - didn't even realize there were seasons beyond the first 3 or 4 that I watched as a young person. I grew up alongside the older children of that family so as I went into adulthood (like they did) I left them behind - mostly because hubs and I didn't have a TV for the first 5 or so years of marriage. Anyway... That's my somewhat mindless, and "feel-good" viewing at the moment. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  7. wonderful blog as always. Happy Birthday! Learning new apps/ programs can be a challenge. If I don't get some sort of "immediate gratification" that is: I learn how to do at least something simple fairly quickly and easily... then I go back and try to find another one. And since I'm so cheap, I have to shop for the free stuff. Besides, just because it is expensive, does NOT mean it is easy to learn. Good luck with the apps... and awesome pics!

  8. It blows my mind that you have deer and turkeys outside your door. So different from the crows, starlings and flickers I see.

    Isn’t it funny the older we get the more set we are in our way, such a the same tv shows all the time.

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great week...celebrate all week! We watch The Hallmark Channel most days.

  10. Happy belated birthday! Lovely photos! I'm a bit of a news addict, myself, and have been glued to the TV watching all that has been happening!


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