Here I thought it might give my readers pleasure to see some of the pictures that I take while I am out and about with my camera. So I have come up with an idea. I will occasionally post just pictures that I have taken here, there, and everywhere.  This is Maisie. She came to our dining room French doors, settled herself down so she could look in and watched what was going on in the house until the dogs saw her and went wild.  My daughter, Judi's dog that I babysat so they could go on vacation. She moved a bit so this picture is blurred but what a face! Her name is "Sweetheart" and she sure is one!   Mysti is Roger's sweetheart. I gave her to him for a wedding present when we were married 9 years ago.     There       This wall hanging resides in my daughter's house and was inspired by these:                     These flowers and butterflies return to us each year!     Everywhere


It is getting greener in our neck of the woods, especially after all the rain we've had lately. Easter Day was just gorgeous and warm. In fact, a little too warm for Bunny to hide his eggs outside so he hid them inside instead. This was very unacceptable to our 10 year old grandson and he refused to go on a hunt in the house for the colorful eggs with chocolate goodies in them. And maybe some money! So, his 6 year old brother happily and excitedly collected most of the eggs and refused to share his spoils with his brother. Oh, Joy. NOT. We have made a trip to the nursery in our little town to get our first "fix" on colors, smells, ideas and prices. We used to get really carried away with filling pots and hanging baskets with the most beautiful displays of magnificence! I LOVE  flowers and would love to have them everywhere. Some years ago now we enjoyed  inviting friends and family for picnics, out of town friends for visits all. summer. long. But just before I retir


A very bleak Tuesday Today began as a rainy, windy day. Not muc h going on. A trip to the pharmacy and a detour to MacDonald's drive thru. Exciting.  Not cold, temps in the 60's-80's for the past week.  As the day unfolded it rained down harder but the wind diminished. The temps dropped down into the 50's and kept dropping. Tonight Roger felt the need of a fire in the fireplace again.  Crazy or what!   I just let the dogs out before we headed up to bed and it is snowing hard at the moment. It was 82 degrees 2 days ago! Good thing I didn't buy those bedding plants yesterday. A BIT OF A RAMBLE    If you're a return reader of this humble little blog of mine you will have pretty much figured out that I love the ocean. The rougher the better. I also like being on it. But not in it. Too cold.   I had always planned on returning to the Island when I retired. Alas, that was not to be. I do think that I would miss living here. It is very pretty he


The Easter bunny will be coming to our house this year but I sure hope it doesn't rain. It seems that in the past it has been no fun  for either kids or adults because it's either raining, has been raining or is cold and miserable. My idea of having a good egg hunting day for these 2 or 3 if you count the grand-dog, is to have lots of eggs, chocolate bunnies, balloons to chase and break  and a picnic later after all the excitement has calmed down. Josh, age 6. Logan, age 10. Sweetheart, age ?. In the meantime Roger has been extremely busy around here  trying to clear away the fallen trees and making the property safe for 2 active boys. I'm getting out the swords, bats and balls, and other paraphernalia that will hopefully keep them happy because I think they might be doing a sleep over for a few days while they are off from school. I made the mistake a while back of saying that it's a shame that one of our riding lawn mowers is no lon

MY FAVORITE COLOR TODAY IS YELLOW and white and orange and green...

DEPENDABLE It was unusually harsh for us this winter. The deer, foxes, raccoons, and other critters that we see in our neighborhood had it tough. I am wondering if that would account for the less than abundant regrowth of our daffies and tulips on our property this year. At the top of our driveway. Sporadic beauties here and there. Some have multiplied since last year. Replantings! The squirrels have been busy. This is still my favorite. My grandson picked this for me last year. It's good to know that my Daffodils are DEPENDABLE!


BLOOMING ON OUR PATCH         With warmer temps at our house, we have lots of blooming going on. While Roger is busy outside I am busy inside. NOT doing Spring cleaning though. I have been digging into my older pile  of wips (works in progress) in my sewing room. I have several line-hangers to show you. "Hooterville" I did some years ago for my grandchildren. It just didn't get to the blooming stage. Now I am happy to say that it is sandwiched and quilted and in their possession.  The next couple of quilt tops are just about to the stage of flimsies (completed tops). This one just needs a top and bottom border and it will join the flimsy pile. It was just something I sewed together eons ago to use up "bricks" I had stockpiled. This next quilt needs to have some of the border chopped off of it to make it look balanced but I just love those butterflies. To me they are flitting all over the place trying to find some butterfly bushes to l


It's been a rough couple of days here trying to retrieve the disappearing photos from my blog posts. Whew-wee! I found out through internet research that I'm not the only one it's happened to and those hapless individuals were as mystified as myself. 'A glitch in the system' is the best anyone can come up with, but of course they don't use that phrase but a lot of technical mumbo jumbo to say the same thing. The worst part is finding in my albums the original pictures I used. REMEMBERING what I used! I have redone all of April's but know that I didn't always match up the text with the same photos I originally used. In the process of me searching my albums I came across some neat shore scenes and wrote a new post on the spot, so to speak, lol, about roughing it and gale force winds.  Yes, I feel like I have been doing a bit of roughing it here and need a 'good gale' to clear away the frustration of it all.  I have all of the March posts to do yet