MAY health, love and happiness fill our hearts and may we all live in peace.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


"Until we have loved an animal, a part of our soul remains  unawakened." Anatoly France

In the past several years we have lost some precious furry children to cancer and other ailments... Despite valiant efforts by our very capable vet.



And another to kidney failur

and her son, Tucker

And today we lost another to old age:


Lately I feel like my cup runneth over with heartbreak.
I know that we all experience losses in our lives, especially those of us who are animal lovers and we have to just accept and move on. Knowing that doesn't always ease the pain as we go through our daily routines not seeing them, hearing them and feeling them. I have always tried to cope with my losses by getting another pet, or two, to love anew and it does help but they take up a new space in our hearts while the old spaces are still  filled with sadness until time eases the ache and we are able to move on. I know a lot of you know what I am talking about. 

 WE are forever indebted to these precious souls for the warmth, affection and devotion they have lavished upon us every single day. I really do hope there will be pets in heaven. 

Monday, October 2, 2017


The Lake Roger likes to take his boat to. 

Colors, they are achanging around here. A time to clean up and close up. I am at home in PA  and  looking around me I can see lots of work ahead of me (Roger). It's a pretty day out there. A coolness in the air that is most welcome after the heat and humidity of last week.  Hubby is working with my son for most of this month in his Pool business to get over a hundred swimming pools winterized. Yesterday we took some time to enjoy the changes in the Poconos. We took the dogs with us and gave them a walk around the lake. 

Before I let go of Summer here on the blog I want to include some pictures taken in Maine when my daughter and grandson visited with Mom and I on the Island. (I like to record the high lights of my "Ordinary Life" here since it's easier then looking back through a thousand photos in my web albums.) They stayed in "the camper" or what I used to call my nest back when my dad was still alive. I would visit them off and on and "glamped" beside their house hooked up to all their facilities. I do miss those days. Every sound was so up close and personal, especially the sea breezes coming through the open windows and the squawking of the gulls as they woke me each morning carrying on a conversation  above my head on the roof. 

We headed out for Bar Harbor one fine day and visited Acadia National Park. It was hot, up over 90, and windy. The surf was up and it was so exhilarating! Josh, age 9, loved it. He did have one mishap though. At Sand Beach the waves were rolling in, he tried to run backwards to get away from it, stumbled and it washed over him. I wish I could have caught all that on camera. He was startled but took it all in stride and dried out eventually. 

Thanks to the far reaching effects of hurricane Irma, Thunder Hole was awesome!  Those of you who go to or have gone to the Park you will appreciate this photo of it. The conditions of wind and surf and tide have to be just right. We weren't allowed to go down to the end of the fenced in area but still managed to feel the anticipation of a good wave (will this be the one??) and hear the roar as it smashed into the opening between the rocks. Wow!

Before heading home our last stop in the Park was Cadillac Mountain. Such a lovely view up there. You can see the town of Bar Harbor down below. When we arrived in the Park there were three cruise ships down below but all but one had left with the third heading out while we were on the mountain. Josh wanted to see the ships and I said we would go down into B.H. before we left but the sun was getting low in the sky so it didn't happen. With my eye problems (Macular Degeneration) I don't like to drive after dark if I can help it. However, I did keep another promise and that was to stop at Mikey D's in Ellsworth on the way home so he could have a Big Mac. 

Josh loving his new jacket his mom bought him at the gift shop on the mountain. It was windy but not cold.


I love lighthouses and this one was way, way out there but I zoomed it in as far as I could. 

We are back at home in PA now trying to get back into a routine. I am working on hand quilting a pumpkin wall hanging and today I really must wash some outside windows.....after I try to get the chipmunk out of the house that Neffie, our cat, just brought in through the cat door.  Have a great day! 


Wednesday, August 30, 2017







Hi there! I know that most of you have given up on me since it's been months since I visited with you. I do hope that you stop in to see if I by chance have returned to blogland. 

It's been a long summer for me. I have spent the most of it on the Island I grew up on taking care of my aged parents. To make a long story short, my dad passed away in July in the Island Nursing home after a stay there of almost 2 years. He was 90 yrs old and had been failing ever since he had a bad fall back in the winter of 2015. 
During his lifetime he had worn many hats and pairs of hip boots. He was a clam digger, a scallop fisherman, a lobster fisherman and businessman. He spent 7 yrs in the Navy before marrying his sweetheart and they raised 3 children, 2 boys and me. But the occupation that he will be most remembered for is the owner and operator of Eaton's Lobster Pool Restaurant situated on the shore of Blastow's Cove on Little Deer Isle, Maine. He wore that hat for over 45 years. He was a very congenial and happy go lucky person. He loved to laugh and talk with his patrons. He loved to read, play golf and always willing to challenge anyone willing to a game of cribbage. He was also very generous to all in need and we used to say he would give away the shirt off his back if my mother would have allowed it. She was the frugal one. 
He and my mother were married 71 years! She is devastated by his death but has a will of steel so will get through it somehow. She is adamant, no nursing home for her. So, I will still be traveling back and forth from here in Bethlehem, PA to Deer Isle, Maine just as often as I have been for the past 20 months. It just seems the right thing to do. And, I love her. 

I took a bunch of random photos while on the Island this summer and realized when uploading to my computer that most of them are of boats! I hope you like boats, fog and the ocean. 


Hot, hazy day.


Lupine Time

Look who's coming to visit.

Ever watchful, even while chowing down on sunflower seeds.

Hubbly came to visit me after Dad died. 
He made me a granite garden.

Lobster boat.

Roger is always the last one eating when we have a lobster feast! He eats everything but the shells.
That's all for now. Have a great day! 


Saturday, April 29, 2017


What a long Winter it was, so much snow both here and in Maine. 

 So much beauty surrounding our house, if you can look past the leaves that didn't get completely cleaned up last Fall. 

Even inside the house.

So, what's happening? As for me, I am trying to recover from a back injury and also some pelvic pain. Not doing much to be active, not that I am an active person in the best of health. I have hobbies that are conducive to weight gain. Reading, crocheting, watching my beloved murder mysteries on dvd, and playing around with my notebook computer. I also like to bird watch, which forces me to walk around with my binnos and a camera. Even if it is just around the house here and in Maine. I shot this picture of an oriole looking in the window at our budgies, Billy and Peggy. 

I thought I would look back through my photo files and post a few from last year.

Billy and Peggy.

These lovely roses are from a bush beside our dog yard. They are just starting to get buds on them now but last May they looked like this.

This guy, my oldest grandson, was 12 last April. This is what he looks like this year....

A teenager.

A Lazy Cat.

This past Winter, about a month ago, we said goodbye to our beloved cat, Tucker. He was a sweet and affectionate fellow and he brought us a lot of joy. He is missed. I dedicate this blog posting to him. His personality could certainly be compared to the beauty of Spring.