Sunday, May 20, 2018


Happy Sunday! Today, this day, that the Lord has made,  I choose to forget the chaos our world is in and concentrate on MY ordinary world and what I'm thankful for. Weather wise it is not a good day. It rained last night and it's overcast but rain is good! So, let's get beyond all that and reach into our minds, or our computers, for something pretty. There's so much for us to be thankful for! When I was growing up we always ate as a family what we called " supper ".  As children we were taught to say a "blessing": 

  Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for food we eat,  thank        you for the birds that sing, Thank you God for everything. Amen

Sadly, nowadays there's a lot less of a family eating at the dinner table together let alone thanking God for what's on it. 

   I think that when we have a thankful and grateful heart it's easier to cope with what life throws at us. Being thankful can change our entire mindset.

 The emergence of Spring gives us a lot to be thankful for, mainly that we weathered another winter! After all, if we hadn't had such a hard Winter we wouldn't  enjoy such a pleasant Spring. Let's look at images that I have collected. Some I have taken and others I have borrowed from the web.  I have tried to give credit when I have known the sources.



 AS ISLANDERS IT'S EASY TO TAKE THE OCEAN FOR GRANTED...As fisherman will tell you,  never let your guard down when you are in it or on it.

(picture taken by my sil, Jean)

(Picture used by permission, A Big sky, in Scotland.)

Looking Up...

Looking around...

Just a small sampling  of Spring in my everyday world. Hope you are enjoying your surroundings.

A mama and her chick. So cute. 
taken by Henny Penny.

Have a great week!

Friday, May 4, 2018


Hi there! It's overcast today and we are supposed to have wind and thunderstorms later. Not wanting this beauty that surrounds me to be diminished by the storm I took the camera and walked around the property clicking at random to preserve the glory of Spring. In my last blog post I tried to capture the beginnings of Spring (Chapter 1) that we thought would never get here! I like to think this is Chapter 2. There's more to come before we sink into the colors of Summer, annuals and perennials. By that time the awakening of Spring will be long gone, replaced by beautiful shades of green. 

 I think that most of you will recognize Japanese Cherry and Maples, Pink and Yellow Dogwoods, strawberry plants, Quince, Snowballs, Crepe Myrtle, tulips, violets that are covering the lawn right now and Johnny Jump-ups.  I'll let the photos do the talking...

This photo is out of focus due mainly to a breeze that picked up on the back side of the house. In fact, I can blame the breeze for much of the pictures I took that don't look quite sharp enough to suit me. I think I either need a steadier hand or my camera is telling me it's time to replace it. The problem with that is that I can't afford the one I want!!

The side of the property that we call the Old Garden. A fenced in garden long past it's prime that has a grape vine that  climbs along the top of the fence. There are apple trees and pear trees and berry bushes. The bushes are flowering but not anything else at this point.  There is so much to keep up here! I have been trying to convince Roger that we can no long keep ahead of what needs to be done. We should just sell up and let someone else, someone younger, take over. So far my pleas are falling on deaf ears! Help! I love it too. I just know when to let go. The sky is darkening, that storm's not far away!

Beautiful Tessie. She loves to follow me around. 

Spring seems to affect us in a powerful way; our moods, our soul and how we approach  each new day.  It gives us a new purpose to our days and brings us full circle to a  sense of  renewal in our daily lives. Spring makes me happy!

It's been a rough Winter, time for a new flag.

My favorite tree that we have on our property. 

Notice the trees on each side of it, they are growing on a slant due to not getting enough sunlight. 


Thursday, April 26, 2018



I have been back in Pennsylvania for a few weeks now. We have gone through a metamorphosis since my arrival; bleak to beautiful! Well, maybe not yet but we are getting there. I brought snow with me from Maine but it didn't last long and then about a week or so ago, Spring finally arrived and so far this is the result...

I came home from Mom's very tired and not feeling very well. It was a long hard Winter there on the Island in Maine. I was glad that at 91 Mom was not on her own.  And we were very blessed to have a whole-house generator so that despite 4 Nor'easter snowstorms we were always warm, safe, and emergency free. Mom seems to be doing quite well health wise right now, finally! She misses Dad, is lonely at times, feels like she doesn't have a reason to get up in the morning and is her usual anxious self, worrying about everything, but that is just Mom.  So, I decided to come home for 6 weeks to go to my doctors, have some tests done, spend some time with my family, etc. My time is almost up though. I will be leaving May 1st to go back up. She is starting to feel anxious that I may not return! I promised Dad that I would take care of her and keep her out of the nursing home as long as possible and I intend to keep that promise for as long as I can.  I feel so blessed to have this time with her. After getting married and moving away there was a 40 year period that I didn't see much of my parents. A week  now and then but family and work obligations kept me pretty much out of the country (Canada) and then in Pennsylvania.

 I have seen my family doctor and he ordered a bunch of tests. I have completed them all and I go back on the 30th to get the results. My most painful affliction is arthritis in my back. I also have some heart issues. Next is  hereditary eye afflictions. My two brothers and myself plus both my children have serious problems with our eyes.  I  went to my Retina Specialist:
The good news is that I will not need another eye injection for my Macular Degeneration for 2 months!! Considering that I usually have them every 4 to 5 weeks I was over the moon when he told me that! Oh, wow, I have been going to him for injections for over 5 years now. I will be going for the rest of my life probably unless I want to lose my eyesight.

Since being home I have been cuddling with my pupsters and keeping the cats out of trouble. They are incredibly cute, affectionate and very much spoiled!

Roger and I have enjoyed eating out (something I rarely do living on the Island in Maine) and going to church, bible study and meeting up with friends. I would like to plan a real vacation but somehow think I should be available to get to Mom asap in case of an emergency. 
Poor hubby is so used now to living on his own and then I come home and change everything around, including a bit of bossing if truth be known, and after awhile he doesn't know which way is up. You see, he is retired Army and is used to living on his own, having everything the way he likes it. DON'T touch my stuff! Is his mantra.  (My 1st husband passed away 13 years ago and Roger is my 2nd).

  He also likes to go to yard sales and brings home more and more "stuff" that we really DON'T need not to mention have room for. I, on the other hand, can't stand clutter. Our cleaning lady can't stand clutter! So, in the name of keeping her happy(and my sanity) almost as soon as I walk in the door I start de-cluttering.

  OUT WITH THE OLD...baker that with the new...

I have spent many years cooking; in my parent's restaurant as a teenager, then for my own family and for two people after the kids left the nest.  After I retired  cooking is now my least favorite thing to do. I don't know if it was out of necessity or because some of his men friends took it up when they retired but Roger has taken up baking as a new hobby. I couldn't be happier about it.  My waistline doesn't need his goodies but I must say he is excelling in this new kitchen venture. His apple turnovers are  SO yummy! He is in the kitchen as I write this doing his thing. I think it's a pie. He loves making pies. 

Well, friends, thank you for popping by. I am going to sit in my chair with my heating pad on my aching back (I weeded yesterday) and crochet on a few of my wips (works in progress). I have some finished projects (a couple of lacy doilies) that I brought back from Maine and I must take pictures of them when the sun shines again to post to my other blog, Yum-Yum crochet. Otherwise I don't remember from year to year what I have accomplished. The first few years are missing completely because I didn't take pictures and I gave away most everything I made, including the many years that quilting was my hobby. But that's a whole other aspect of my life that is pretty much a blur. My sewing room is fully stocked with everything one would need to turn out quilts but I seem to have lost my mojo in that department when I started crocheting. Hubby keeps hoping that it will come back. There's a lot of money invested in that room and it's contents! 


It's taken me a couple of days to put my thoughts in order and write them down. I have spent most of today in the POCONO MOUNTAINS visiting with my daughter and grandsons. They are getting so tall and grown up.
 I remember when Judi and the boys looked like this!
Judi home schools them, they were just finishing their lessons when I arrived. School for them is just about finished until August when they will start the new term. Judi and I went to lunch at a restaurant called Jubilee. We hadn't been there before but will certainly go back again. It's located in a town near Lake Naomi. I dropped her off at home after picking up a pizza  for the boys and their dad.

 Coming home I stopped at one of my go to "fat stores", CATHERINE'S to stock up on Summer tops, buy one get another for 50% off.

All in all, a lovely day away. So nice in the Poconos, temps in the 60's and sunny. 

Have a great weekend! I leave you with one more sign of Spring...the American male goldfinches are turning yellow, their summer plumage.

Toodle pip!