Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Hi there! So glad you could stop by. It's a gloomy day on my patch. Hubby and I are plugging along here. I am in week 2 of "No News is Good News" meaning I have sworn off listening to the News for the next month. It has all gotten a bit much lately  with politics in our country.

Instead I have been concentrating
 on the good...despite the bad. Yesterday Roger had  very expensive repairs done to his 2005 jeep. Last week I had 2 crowns fitted at the dentist. The week before the furnace had major repairs. You get the 
picture. What do you do when money seems to be evaporating?  You economize!  You eat comfort foods! You watch funny movies! That was my plan for when hubby came back from the garage. Ham and bean soup, cheesy Keto skillet biscuits, and cream cheese pound cake. It doesn't get much more comforting than that, especially on a cold winter's night. 
We received a very generous gift card to Amazon for Christmas and we used it to add to our collection of DVD series. We bought the latest available seasons for Elementary, Blacklist, Midsomer  Murder, Death in Paradise and a few others. Last night we watched 5 episodes of Death in Paradise, laughed and all was right in our house...a fire blazing in the fireplace, 2 little dogs sharing my very comfortable chair and a cat on the sofa snoozing away. Hubby in his chair with a satisfied smile on his face. Bliss.
Our TV room. You can tell we have pets:


I just looked out the window and it's snowing.

Our stray cat, Rascal, is very feral but does go into his heated house to eat and stay out of the  bad weather. He also has a bed in one of our out buildings at the back of the property. Wish we could tame him. Our inside cat, Zeppy, hates him. He looks out the patio doors and growls when he sees him going in his house to eat his food. 
So, we are on the last legs of Winter. Pretty soon I will be removing my wall hanging from the family room.

All my best to All of You! 

Sunday, February 17, 2019



hi there! Usually my mutterings are first but today I loaded wrong. It's sunny on my patch in the 30's. A wintry mix is expected later. So much I should be doing but...

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Sizzler, my beloved dog I adopted from a bad kennel situation when she was about 8. This picture was taken in my house before I married Roger and moved to his house. She was a character! 
Our youngest grandson, the cutie pie, but we won't let  him know I called him that!

Foot path to the shore and fresh sea air.

Big Billy

This picture was taken many years ago. My parents had this seafood restaurant for many years. This is a picture of a picture.
one of our critters.

The old homestead on the Island where my mom still lives.It appears I left my car door open. This was taken within the past 2 years with my better camera.

Deer Isle-Sedgwick bridge that connects Little Deer Isle to the mainland. 

A visit to Old Orchard Beach (in the off season) , a very old resort not far from Portland, Maine.

A Painting of my parent's restaurant on the Island. It was painted many times and one of the artists gave this to my parents. It hangs in their living room with a lot of other "free" paintings from various artists. 

Lucybelle, she continues to bewitch me. 

Sunset taken from the top of our driveway here in Bethlehem, PA for my old blog. 


We live in a rather large development here in Saucon Valley. I love it here. Mountains all around us. Lush and green when they aren't covered in snow and bare.  It used to be farmland , the farmhouses that are still here are made of stones most likely the handiwork of the Moravians who settled in this area many years ago. But to get back to my neighborhood.... The houses like ours and  built first were lots that had several acres of land. As the development grew the lots became smaller, large, beautiful homes but not much land. They are nicely landscaped, unlike ours, and house working families who don't have time for a lot of yard work.  What amuses me is that next to our development is a sheep farm and next to it is a horse farm. It's suburbia  with refreshing smells. Not far away is the small town of Hellertown and it's got a bit of everything except a mall. . So, anyway,  to get back on track... looking out the windows of those homes that are boxed in side by side  would be infinitely more interesting than looking out our windows because the people in them have a bird's eye view of their neighbors comings and goings whereas we only see birds and other four legged wildlife from ours. Our property especially is secluded because we are down in a bit of a valley surrounded by tall trees and shrubs, brambles, and anything else that pops up out of the ground. Hubby likes the overgrown look, says it's good for the wildlife. That includes trees that have fallen in hurricanes; Sandy downed 12 of our trees. Hubby loves it here and I have been trying for many years to get him to downsize to a smaller and less expensive location. No luck.
That is not to say that we live a boring life here. There's lots of action going on both inside and out. We give everyone a name that has 4 feet and some distinguishing markings. We have 2 dogs and an inside/outside cat, an inside bird, a feral cat that resides in a heated cat house outside on our patio, about 15 bird feeders installed in strategic positions around the house for optimum viewing and picture taking  from upstairs and downstairs windows.
 Then, there are the deer that come around to eat  corn that Roger puts  outside the fenced in dog yard at the edge of the property. After their dinner they entertain themselves and us by occasionally looking in our windows at US! During  Spring, Summer and Fall there are groundhogs, squirrels, and other critters in  residence to further enrich our viewing pleasure. If you like wildlife you would like living here. Our neighbors aren't thrilled with us because the deer eat their flowers and trample their small garden patches and defecate  on their perfect lawns.  They especially hate groundhogs.

I do not take this privacy for granted. I can walk the dogs around the outside of the house in my pajamas and no one is the wiser. During my life time I have lived in houses that had very little in the way of personal space inside and out. My last house was on a street that ran along the side of a mountain. The streets ran horizontal so that those on the street above could look down on our house and into our yard and often we were their entertainment when we had a family gathering or picnic with friends on the large deck we had at the back of the house. The front had 30 steps down to the street,etc. Another house was a row home with thin walls and adjoining yards. I must say there was a lot going on in those neighborhoods, most of it I'd rather not known.

At my mother's house in Maine in the Cove on the Island the houses are within a stones throw of each other mostly. When I was growing up it was a thriving fishing and a micro community. There was always someone in the kitchen having coffee with either
Dad or tea with Mom and my grandmother and  gossip was very much in vogue. Ladies would go from house to house with the latest news of their neighbors. There were 20 or so houses altogether but up the road aways and down the road to the next cove there was another little fishing village and so it went all over the Island.  Through the years people died, summer people moved into their homes, land was sold, large cottages made. land became private, no trespassing and now when my mother looks out her big picture windows there's not  much going on. But, she and a few others hang on and refuse to relinquish their ties to a place that is a whisper of what it once was. It is her life blood and she can't bear to leave it behind.

Today we had a lovely visit with Judi (daughter) and her family. It was a belated birthday celebration for Erick, son in law, the handsome, quiet computer geek of the family. We met up at a restaurant in Bethlehem then the boys came home with us while the parents went to a seminar on catching stray cats to have them neutered and released back into the wild. They were giving out free vouchers, one per person. Judi's friend has 2 strays she's been feeding.
The two women doing the seminar have caught and released over 2000 cats between them! I know most strays are feral but it's a shame homes couldn't be part of the plan.  I know that's not realistic, so many of them!πŸ’•

Friday, February 15, 2019


Ice flowing down the Bagaduce River, Bucksport,
 Maine. I took this a year ago on a very cold wintry day. 
Hello there, so nice of you to stop by. Today it is sunny on my patch and the snow is melting fast. I was so mild I didn't need a jacket to walk the dogs. They were not best pleased about having to step in and out of snow, ice and muddy patches. 
I have been home from Maine for about a week. Most of that time I have hibernated due to cold and bad weather with the exception of going to the dentist to have 2 crowns fitted and to the retina specialist to have an eye injection. Yesterday I finally left the house to do something pleasant like lunch at a favorite restaurant and then on to Joann's to fabric shop for my darling (16 yr old) granddaughter's quilt. She wants 3 solid colors and that is a tough sell for a quilter who loves prints and lots of colors. However, I think I will go up in my sewing room today and dust. It's a room that gets very little use these days. My old Bernina sewing machine motor burned out a couple of years ago and I haven't had the  mojo to use another of the two very nice ones I have left but they just aren't a Bernina.  I am thinking I might try the Snowball Pattern for starters and see what I can do with using 3 colors. I might just have to go rogue and add another color. I will be posting updates as I progress. 

My blog used to be called LIVING AN ORDINARY LIFE. I fell into a slump with everything going on in my life and didn't post for 9 months!  For one thing my life didn't seem so ordinary any more. I spend my time traveling back and forth between here in PA to my 91 yr old mom's in Maine.  She is one stubborn lady but I am told the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, lol. She refuses to leave the Island.  The second reason is that my camera is not working all that well these days. Too many years of use and rough treatment. I had hoped to replace it by now but a new furnace motor, etc and major repairs on Roger's old jeep, and my crowns have really eaten into our fixed incomes. So, it will come but in the meantime I am relying on my photo archives as well as pictures taken with my old camera.
So, I decided to give blogging another try but to change the name. A fellow blogger ( was emailing with me about cameras and our lives and she said she was glad that I liked her "mutterings". Low and behold! that description of her lovely postings stuck in my head. I decided to give blogging another try but to change the name. Hence, MUTTERINGS WITH PICTURES was born.   I guess I have to start over with readers but since I hardly ever get comments and I haven't had my blog current, it's hard to know who is reading  my blog. I do hope that you who are reading this post will make a comment so I know that someone out there is reading me. 
Another reason why I am posting is to make these postings journalistic. . I can't remember anymore from year to year what I do, make or go or events that go on in my life.  I hope to post fairly often so I have a record to look back on. 

Random pictures...

We adopted Dolly about 4 years ago now. She is about 11. 

I don't know what this is, it's frozen whatever it is.

The family room window. The snow is melting. 

The dog yard.

The snow is melting on the driveway.

Tessa, adopted but disappeared one day never to be seen again several months ago while I was in Maine. She particularly loved me so I feel guilty that she thought I was never coming back and left home.Roger was working at the time and not home during the day. A very wild and huge stray tomcat showed up about that time so we just don't know what the story is but it has haunted us. I pray she found a new home and someone  to love her. 

Roger is retired army so we are very patriotic in this house. 

A summer mandala that I made last Spring. I have made a Christmas/Winter one but haven't photographed it yet.

Lucy, our love bug. 

Zeppy, our adopted special needs cat. We have had him for many years now. He was hit by a car as a kitten and has one working eye and ear and his mouth is twisted. He very lovable and handsome despite everything that happened to him. He has 2 pretty eyes but he is winking, lol.

Fishing harbor on the Island. It's was overcast but I snapped the pictire anyway. 

I had to put in something colorful. Last pictures of Mom's rugosa rose bush last Fall. They were on their way out but still pretty. 

And a memory...A bright summer day last year when I was just going around the Island  snapping photos. 

Last Picture I took of my younger brother, the writer and painter,  in his house on the Island. They sold it last Fall. 

Last Picture I took of my sister in law, the retired professor, in her house on the Island before it was sold.They now live in San Francisco in a retirement community. 


So, what's pretty outside my window today?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tomorrow is a special day for many people; the young especially and the young at ❤.  It's not just for married couples or two people in love. It's for everyone. It's about showing love.

My Mom has many memories because my dad was  a romantic. He ALWAYS bought her red roses, a nightgown, slippers and perfume on that special day. But the most precious gift was the poem that he composed each year professing his πŸ’˜ love. They were married almost 72 years before he went to heaven so although I'm not sure just when or if he gave her a poem in the very early years but I know he did the last 20 years or so. They had a wonderful flow to them, heartfelt and brought a  tear to the eye.  She treasures them and doesn't share their contents, only a few, as it should be. 

My own  Valentine Day experiences are way less memorable. My first husband usually remembered with a funny card. Sometimes he would ask if I wanted to go to the diner. He hardly ever said it but I never doubted that he loved me. We had nearly 35 years together before he went on ahead of me to heaven. There is a void in my heart with his name on it. My hubby now of 13 years is very unique or a "character" . There's no telling what he would come up with or not. I have learned to take charge of the day by telling him, as demurely as  possible, what I'd like. Some years it's been jewelry, a meal at Red Lobster or a steakhouse, a day away, etc. This year I mentioned in passing how much I love sugar free chocolates, a large box. Hopefully, it registered in what he calls 'his little brain' ...has he forgotten his master's degree?... because I am looking forward to them! There's hardly a day that passes without him telling me  that he loves me. And, truth be told, that is far better then chocolates any day.
Whatever your circumstances I hope that you have a good day! πŸ’ž


Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Hi there! Honestly, I don't know where the time has gone! I thought I would pop back in to say hello and wish you well on this snowy Tuesday in Bethlehem, PA. Nothing much has changed in my life since I last visited with you..I am still dividing my time between here and on Little Deer Isle, Maine where I provide care and companionship to my 91 year old mother. 
I have included some winter scenes from the Island. Winter's there are cold and windy. The house I grew up in I call the "homestead". It has lots of creaking and groanings. It's very old. A stone's throw from the shore. It's situated in a small cove. Summer cottages have replaced homes of residents that dotted the area when I was a child. Everything has changed and become more 
private with less freedoms to roam. It was a case of not appreciating what we had until it was gone  I guess.
The beauty is still there though. I never tire of looking out at the ocean from our large front windows or walking outside to get my lungs filled with the very bracing sea air. Or watching the sun set down behind the islands; Eaton's, Pickering, Eagle and Sheep to name a few and the Camden Hills in the far distance.

Some days when the wind  has been blowing all night and the temperature gauge is minus something we look out to see sea smoke rising off the bay. That's when I really appreciate the old furnace that is laboring to keep us comfortable. 
Mom rarely leaves the house since my dad passed on a year and a half ago. She looks out the kitchen window at the many birds who come to the bird feeders and the deer and occasionally mallards and turkeys visit also. 
It's a peaceful existence until something breaks, frozen pipes or some other minor catastrophe strikes. 
 Our neighbors across the way are from Vermont and are in residence only occasionally except during the summer months. My great aunt and uncle used to live there in that spot in a little house. I loved them dearly. I spent more time at their house as a child then my own.

Here in Bethlehem it is snowing today. I will snuggle in my comfy chair to read, crochet and dream of SPRING. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures!